How strong is your psychic immune system?

When you think about the immune system, you probably think about colds, winter and vitamin C, about bacteria and viruses – maybe you’ve also already heard how 70-80% of our immune system lies in the gut… (if not, you can read all about it here). All good & fair, but all of that is related to the PHYSICAL part of our immune system only. However, did you know that there is also a PSYCHIC immune system? Because there are not just toxic substances we have to be protected of, but also toxic thoughts, feelings and even people.

Just like the physical immune system in your gut is supposed to separate nutrients from toxins and to ideally only absorb what is truly supportive and nourishing for your organism (while excreting all the rest), your psychic immune system is supposed to separate all thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors – your own or those thrown at you from other people – into nourishing and toxic and ideally to only absorb the former, while excreting the latter.

In other words, your boundaries need to be sufficiently open as to absorb all the nourishment and at the same time sufficiently closed as to not allow in toxicity.

Especially if you suffer from a weak or overactive physical immune system you might want to investigate where your psychic immune system is either too weak or in overdrive.

Let’s look at two conditions, more and more common nowadays: leaky gut and auto-immunity.

Leaky gut is a condition where the gut becomes permeable and allows partially undigested food particles, gut bacteria or yeast to pass through the gut wall into your blood. Those particles are normally not supposed to enter your bloodstream, so an inflammatory immune reaction is triggered. Just like your natural physical barrier has become permeable, you might want to investigate where your psychical barrier has become permeable or non-existent. Where do you let others walk all over you? You probably need to work to set clear boundaries and to develop a “stronger skin” both physically (the gut is our internal skin) and psychically. OR alternatively, you might have too strong emotional boundaries and need to make them a bit more permeable. In any case you are invited to learn to better discern what your true needs and desires are and affirm them with a clear NO or a clear YES.

Auto-immunity is a condition where the body’s immune cells start attacking own body tissues. Auto-immunity is an inflammatory reaction that is usually a consequence of an immune system that is constantly triggered, as it might be the case in leaky gut or heavy metal contamination for example. Just like your physical immune system is in overdrive and cannot distinguish friend from foe anymore, you probably need to learn to distinguish friend from foe in real life as well, in other words realize how some of the people you surround yourself with might actually be toxic for you. You might even be your own enemy, constantly criticizing yourself (read more here)! There is definitely a strong component of inner conflict and suppressed anger (symptom symbolism of heat and inflammation) that rather than being directed at its outside source, is turned inwards, against yourself.

The invitation is to become your own best friend again and to stop hurting yourself. Do not allow each and every intrinsically harmless comment or opinion – whether emitted from others or your own mind – to enter and become toxic to your system. Definitely avoid over-reacting and/or self-doubting and self-attacking because of it. Especially not if it was toxic in the first place, meaning it lacked respect and love. Alternatively, you might have to radically destroy the notion of Self you currently have, so you can get back to your true, authentic Self.

The bottom line is:

If you want a stronger physical immune system, develop a stronger psychical immune system.

Because as above so below. Every material manifestation has its equivalent in the non-material world. To strengthen your psychical immune system learn to love and respect yourself.

Once you do, showing love and respect TO others and requesting it FROM others is the logical consequence. We do not all have to be of the same opinion. However, we should grant each other the right to be of different opinions. It’s about expecting, demanding and showing an attitude of respect, open-mindedness, flexibility, tolerance, compassion and love. If people do not show you this attitude, you should sooner or later excrete them and their opinions from your life just like you excrete toxins from your body. You can still try to feel compassion and send them love, but don’t allow them to walk all over you – at least not if you want to keep your physical & mental balance.

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