Why I do not recommend raw food diets

Besides providing nutrients, all foods also have a thermic effect on the body. They can be warming, neutral, or cooling. Knowing the thermal properties of a food allows you to adapt your food choices to the season, and can help you correct imbalances in your own individual metabolism. Raw food or food taken directly from […]

Balanced breakfasts for steady energy

This article is not about whether or not to have breakfast. It is clear that everybody is biochemically individual and has different metabolic needs, with some people not needing any breakfast at all and some thriving on intermittent fasting. This article is only meant to offer alternatives for a classical, sugar-loaden, continental breakfast. Are you […]

Coffee, your gut and hormones

Let’s talk about the drug Nr. 1 for many and its impact on your gut health and hormonal balance. While we are all biochemically individual, and some Metabolic Types can handle coffee better than others, I personally believe that it’s one of the substances you need to quit (at least temporarily) to heal your gut and […]