Where and how do animals NATURALLY get vitamin B12?

Today I want to talk to you about a nutrient essential for health and fertility: Vitamin B12…  Vitamin B12 is essential to maintain the health of the neurons and the blood. It also supports the formation of the genetic material in all cells. As states Chris Kresser: “B12 deficiency has been associated with or can […]

Being Omnivore – to what extent can we trust the design of Nature?

It is a biological fact that the human being is omnivorous and needs to feed on both, foods of plant origin and foods of animal origin to enjoy optimal long-term health and fertility. That is how the universe has designed us – like or not. To what extent are we able to trust nature, to […]

Does Eating prevent us from being spiritual?

Does eating prevent us from being spiritual, from accessing more subtle dimensions? Do you have to transcend the body, food, the lower chakras? Can everybody fast or will everybody feel more clarity and tranquility when eating little? As always, there is no one-size-fits-all. It is very easy to fall into the trap of projecting our […]

Pure Science

Recently, in a ritual of prayers for the world, I was assigned to pray for pure science. My first internal reaction was “Oh nooo, I don’t believe in science.” The same thing happens when people describe me as “scientific” in my way of being and working. It is not a description that I usually like […]

About Goats, A2 Casein and Wildfires

After quite a lot of chicken inspired stories, today I want to put another species into the spotlight, because they truly deserve it: GOATS. As anything on this planet, goats can degenerate the planet or help to regenerate it. It’s all a matter of HOW we manage them. What differentiates goats from any other grazer […]