Astro-Metabolic Profiling

What are your individual ideal & damaging foods, supplements and lifestyle practices?
  • Are you confused about all that contradictory advice out there when it comes to food and exercise?
  • Are you stressed because it feels like there is nothing you can eat anymore – or feed to your children with a good conscience?
  • Have you tried “what is healthy”, but it doesn’t seem to work for you (you are still tired, have weight, digestive, mood or fertility issues)?
  • Would you like to better understand your or your child’s individual constitution, tendencies, pre-dispositions and needs when it comes to physical and psychological health?


Understand your individual Astro-Metabolic Type!


There is no “one-size-fits-all” – neither when it comes to food, nor when it comes to exercise, sleep, lifestyle… or even the lessons we have to learn in Life.


Even though as human beings we share a basic physiology, we are all unique on a metabolic and constitutional level. This means that while we all need high quality and pure “fuel” (there is no “junk food” Metabolic Type), there are huge differences when it comes to which fuel type and composition best supports health and fertility in each person. What works for one person might have no effect in another and even make a third one worse. For example, while some people will thrive on a diet relatively high in carbohydrates and relatively low in proteins and fats, others need the exact opposite. Some people will feel great on a vegetarian diet, while others absolutely need meat or fish to be at their best. The same food can have different effects in different people. For example, an orange can make some people more alkaline and others more acid. The same is true for red meat. People with similar characteristics, behaviors or symptoms can have completely different constitutions and thus needs. The bottom line is that instead of focusing on the food and its characteristics, we need to look at the person who is eating the food. 


We find this principle of biochemical individuality in all ancient healing systems, from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine and also European monastic medicine. While each system has a slightly different way to assess someone’s individual constitution (observation, questionnaires, tongue and pulse diagnostics), they all look at the same base energies, even if they call them by different names or split them into more or less “elements”. No matter which system you use, it should give you the same result. The problem is the subjective bias inherent in some of the evaluation methods (i.e. questionnaires).


This is where astrology comes into play as an additional asset. Each of the twelve zodiac signs can be allocated to one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. In addition to that, each of the signs governs different areas of the body and psyche and has their own predispositions, tendencies and nutritional needs. Based on your birth data (date, exact time and place), I can calculate the relative strength or weakness of each of the signs and elements – precisely, quickly and objectively*. If an element or sign is over-represented, it is a natural strength, something you are easily drawn to and should definitely use as talent. However, unchecked it threatens to weaken the overall system. You thus need to bring in its opposite to create and maintain balance. If an element or sign is under-represented, it is something you are not naturally drawn to, something that does not come easy. You have to make a conscious effort to develop this element, so your weakness does not sabotage the overall strength of your system.

*Please note that just a few minutes can already make a huge difference in the result, so if you do not have the exact time of your birth, please indicate that it is an estimate. I can still accurately assess your constitution based on your physical symptoms and characteristics combining elements from Chinese Medicine, Chakra Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, Eating Psychology and Symptom Symbolism.


Metabolism is not static, but dynamic. In fact, the whole idea is that throughout Life we find balance by strengthening our naturally weak elements and taming the naturally dominant ones. This is why it is important to distinguish between someone’s base constitution at birth (genetic profile) and any functional imbalances and adaptations due to physical, emotional, mental, environmental or spiritual factors that alter gene expression – and as such (temporarily) change our needs. For example, while your genetic dominant element might be Air, the fact that it is hot outside, that you smoke and had chili con carne for lunch can push up your Fire to an extent that it takes over (temporarily or chronically depending on the circumstances). This is why in addition to your birth data, I take into account your current habits and symptoms and their impact on the dynamics of your base profile. This allows me to identify your current dominant or missing elements (your functional profile). I then double-check the results with the systems of Chinese Medicine, Chakras, Metabolic Typing, Symptom Symbolism and Eating Psychology, all of which I am trained in as well.


Once you understand the different elements, the physical and psychological symptoms associated with them and which foods and drinks balance them out (or make them worse), you become empowered to flow with and adapt to the changing dynamics of your individual metabolism. It is my ultimate intention to transmit that kind of body wisdom to you bit by bit.


How does it work?


1. Initial Session

The process always starts with a first session of 60min. In this session, I get to know you and your issue. I feel your energy, ask you relevant questions and give you some first, concrete advice. I also explain you the options for next steps and clarify any doubts you might have in this regard.

Investment: 60 Euro


2. Astro Metabolic Profile

There are two options to get insight into your astro-metabolic profile:


a) Astro-Metabolic Profile “Light”: After our initial session, I calculate your energetic constitution based on your birth data (note that I can only do that if I have the exact – or a good estimate of the – birth time). I also look into the symbolism of your main issue and tune into my intuition for any downloads. We then meet again for a one hour session in which I share my insights with you regarding foods, supplements and soul messages. Please note that this format does not include a written report nor food list, but if you wish so, the session can be recorded.

Investment: 120 Euro.


b) Complete Astro-Metabolic Profile : After our initial session, I send you a questionnaire to complete any information we might have missed during the session. I also ask you to send me a picture of your tongue in the morning. I then take a whole morning to assess your symptoms from different perspectives (Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, chakras, astrology, symptom symbolism) and to put all puzzle pieces together to your individual Astro-Metabolic Profile (no automatization), which I summarize in a detailed written report (12 pages) and which we discuss in a 90min session. The advantage of this format is that you have ALL the factors on paper, even if we will not work on all of them at once. The report includes

  • Assessment of your symptoms from different perspectives (Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, chakras, astrology, symptom symbolism)
  • A graphic of your individual constitution (dominant and weak elements based on astrology)
  • A list of supportive foods and supplements
  • A list of damaging foods and supplements
  • Some concrete menu suggestions
  • A list of supportive/damaging lifestyle practices (exercise, sleep etc)
  • An overview of some important soul messages and lessons.

Investment: 300 Euro


What clients are saying who received this service:

“The introduction of my astro-metabolic profile (“light” version) with Claudia has been deeply enlightening. It encouraged me to follow my intuitive food needs and continue the process that I already started. It also helped me understand my essential nourishment needs, and why I had some recurring symptoms (that are actually normal for my profile). Beautiful initiation to trust my body wisdom. Thank you, Claudia ! Gaia”


“Claudia is phenomenal! She does things with passion. A wealth of information. I would recommend her to anyone trying to improve their health and wellbeing.” E.


3. Follow-Up

Receiving your Astro-Metabolic Profile is only the beginning. For any transformation to work, you need to make changes to your daily habits and your habitual patterns of thinking and acting. This is what we focus on during follow-up. You can choose between different packages:

  • Single Sessions: 66 Euro per session
  • 6 Sessions: 360 Euro (60 Euro per session)
  • 12 Sessions: 660 Euro (55 Euro per session)

I recommend the packages because they follow a well-thought through structure and provide a firm container for your process to unfold in an optimal way.