About Claudia

Hi, I am Claudia, your guide on the Camino de la Fertilidad.

I was born in 1982 in Germany and I am deeply passionate about regenerative food, holistic health and the way our nutrition, lifestyle & mindset choices directly influence our own and our planet’s health & fertility.

This is why after > 10 years of working for a big international company I left my safe job in 2012 to start an activity aligned with my true beliefs and values: Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psycholog Coaching. I also ran a shop for nourishing & sustainable food for 4 years and was hired as a Corporate Nutrition Consultant, optimizing canteens from a health and sustainability perspective and giving talks in companies and schools.

I am a person who walks her talk. I have experienced hands-on what it means to struggle with food, body, sexuality & Life – and what it takes to overcome those challenges.

I developed an Eating Disorder at age 17 and managed to break free from that Food Prison slowly but steadily throughout my 20s. However, more than a decade of obsessing about food quantity & quality, counting and restricting my calorie, fat & protein intake (especially from animal sources), combined with an intense endurance exercise schedule (I was a middle and long-distance runner) and long study / work hours, left me with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. I had major hormonal imbalances, suffering from chronic knee pain and devastating menstrual cramps for years. A few times I even passed out because of the pain and fractured something in the process… I was in deep (unconscious) conflict about the way sexuality was offered to me, and for a long time it was a source of suffering rather than pleasure. In this context I also experienced two unexpected 1st trimester spontaneous pregnancy losses (miscarriages) in 2017/2018.

Today my relationship with food, my body and Life is a conscious, loving & trusting one. I consider them to be my best friends, not my enemies. I absolutely trust my body to self-regulate. My hormones are in balance and my periods pain-free and regular.

I am deeply grateful for all those challenges because they helped me to find my way back to the Fertile Path, reclaim my freedom, joy, power, energy, health & fertility, and to become a guide for others in similar circumstances.

In order to get there, I had to dig very deep. Our unwanted habits and symptoms are pointing to areas in our personal lifestyles and mindsets that are in need of change and – if we let them – can be our best allies and biggest teachers. 

I was (and still am) a typical “type A” character – ambitious, working hard and pushing through. Yet I used to be fueled by “scarcity” mindset: The belief of never being good enough, of never having enough, of not deserving the fulfillment of my heart’s deepest desires, of Life always punishing me…. The fear of not being loved, of being judged and abandoned, if I was not performing… Perfectionism, self-loathing and constant tension/contraction were my default mode of functioning. Listening to my body and respecting its limits? Not for me… I would even run a half-marathon when I was sick…

In order to heal, I had to learn to slow down, to stop abusing myself and to love and take care of myself instead, to evolve my Inner Masculine and to embrace my Inner Feminine, to explore & make peace with my sensuality, sexuality & spirituality, to trust in Life and in myself unconditionally, to say both NO and YES. I had to learn how to truly listen to and nourish my body & soul. I had to align my Life to my values, letting go of convictions, beliefs, people, activities and places. I had to learn to choose the Fertile Path.

It took (and it still takes) courage, an open mindcommitment and a strong sense of personal responsibility to choose the Fertile Path again and again. It has turned my life upside-down more than once and will certainly continue doing so. Yet I would never want it any other way, because even if it’s challenging at times, I have never felt happier and more alive.

Of course, I also have a formal education. I am certified as a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Food Advisor (2010), Holistic Nutrition Counselor (2012), Metabolic Typing Advisor (2012), Eating Psychology Coach (2016) and facilitator of Conscious Touch (2022). I also hold a bachelor & a master in Business Administration from my “previous” life (2004/2005)

However, I consider my Life experience to be my (and your) biggest asset when it comes to doing what I do. I have a sharp, quick & analytical mind that cuts right through any non-sense, a trusting & compassionate heart and a highly intuitive womb. I enjoy putting all three of them at your service, to put together the puzzle pieces of your story to a picture that finally makes sense, to capture the soul messages your symptoms are pointing to, to tune into your particular needs and to share exactly those insights that I feel are most relevant for you at any given moment.

I accompany you 1-on-1, in groups and virtually, combining Nutrition & Eating Psychology coaching with tantric-inspired embodiment practices. Getting back into the body and developing intimacy (in-to-me-see) with self and others is a crucial part of the healing, yet is something that cannot just be talked about.

Ever since I discovered Tantra in 2017 I am a devoted disciple to further deepen my own growth and open up as fully as possible to the spontaneous flow of Life & Love. Tantra is a very rapid and very effective way of personal development, exactly in line with my Life philosophy and approach to food & body: real, conscious and inclusive. It is more than obvious to me to integrate the two into a holistic approach that addresses you as a whole and goes to the root of your food & body issues.

Even more than teaching, I enjoy sharing my insights through writing and giving talks. I published my first book in 2023 and regularly share free insights through my groups on Telegram (both in English and Spanish), Instagram and YouTube (@caminodelafertilidad)

I thrive on the fact that things are constantly changing and evolving – both in my professional and in my personal life. I need adventure and freedom, just like I need routine and stability. Maybe it’s because I am an Aquarius who for more than 20 years thought she was a Capricorn :).

However, there’s one thing that you can always count on, and that is my commitment to being REAL, HONEST and FAIR.