Guidance Options

Combining Holistic & Individualized Mind-Body Nutrition with Eating Psychology and Tantric Embodiment Practices, I help you understand the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual messages hidden in your struggles with health, fertility, sexuality and relationships. I show you ways to nourish yourself with food & beyond, evolve your inner Masculine & Feminine, balance your hormones and find peace with food, body & Life. In short, I help you eat and live the Fertile Way.

Everybody has their own individual Camino. People might have a similar destination, but the steps they need to take will be different. Some people prefer to walk by themselves at their own pace, while others are better off walking with someone.

Camino Guidance Options:

  • 1-on-1 Guidance: Personal Guidance face-to-face or virtually.
  • Virtual Guidance: Webinars, audios, cooking guides, embodiment and mindset exercises, online courses…
  • Free Guidance: Weekly news, Basic Fertile Food Plan, videos, fertile food sources, recommended readings, complementary practitioners…

and specific guidance for organisations (companies, schools, sports clubs…).