Responding from fear or from trust

There are things we control and others we don’t. As much as we take responsibility to create the favorable circumstances for health and harmony to occur, the body will get sick and we will live difficult situations at some point in life. This is simply part of life and the path of the soul. We […]

Being Omnivore – to what extent can we trust the design of Nature?

It is a biological fact that the human being is omnivorous and needs to feed on both, foods of plant origin and foods of animal origin to enjoy optimal long-term health and fertility. That is how the universe has designed us – like or not. To what extent are we able to trust nature, to […]

Does Eating prevent us from being spiritual?

Does eating prevent us from being spiritual, from accessing more subtle dimensions? Do you have to transcend the body, food, the lower chakras? Can everybody fast or will everybody feel more clarity and tranquility when eating little? As always, there is no one-size-fits-all. It is very easy to fall into the trap of projecting our […]

Podcast Alimentation & Sexualité (FR)

3-3-22: Podcast au Love Health Center au sujet de: Alimentation et Sexualité Claudia Kaiser, passionnée et coach en nutrition holistique et fertilité naturelle, vous amène sur un chemin d’exploration des parallèles entre votre manière de vous alimenter et votre sexualité. Au-dessus comme au-dessous, à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur. Ce qui se passent dans les différents domaines […]

Do you compensate with food?

Authorities are worried that due to Covid-19 alcoholism will become more of a problem. The same could be said for Eating Issues. Right now, addictions and compensatory behaviors are the only way many people can still escape from themselves, their emotions and their inner and/or outer reality at home. Fast eating and overeating are effective […]

Absolute freedom vs. non-restriction

Absolute love equals absolute freedom. However, absolute freedom does NOT necessarily equal non-restriction. In fact, absolute freedom includes the freedom to CHOOSE restriction. And that is not necessarily a sign of ill-health. Just like not restricting yourself is not necessarily a sign of good health. Oftentimes clients tell me that their goal is to be […]

Love yourself this Christmas

Christmas time (or festivities in general) are tightly connected to food. No wonder, because food doesn’t just provide us with energy, but also means connection, tradition, belonging… all of which is deeply nourishing and important. However, it can be a challenging time, if you try to eat healthy, because it’s also a time where cookies, […]

Is coconut really good for you?

No, I am not looking for “nutritional facts” here. From that point of view I could give you a whole list of arguments why it is a superfood. In fact, it’s been one of my “holy cows” ever since I got trained in Real Food Nutrition and Metabolic Typing (2012). While I often put people […]