What is regenerative / fertile food?

Switching from edible food products to natural and unprocessed (or only gently processed) foods is a necessary first step, but it cannot stop there, at least not if your goal is optimal health and fertility. If you want your food to optimally support your health and fertility, it needs to be grown in or raised […]

Women, it’s time to evolve beyond Feminism!

There was a time, not too long ago, in our developed world, when a woman wasn’t allowed to do many things that were normal for a man. She wasn’t allowed to study, to work (apart from in the house), to have an opinion, to vote, to run a marathon or to wear trousers for example. […]

Eating animal foods can be regenerative – Part 1: Nutrition

Introduction It seems that if you want to be a “good” and “enlightened” consumer these days, you have to go vegan. While I can understand the ethical, environmental and nutritional motivations fueling this movement, the whole notion that veganism is the most ethical, sustainable and healthiest way to eat is dangerously one-sided and misleading. Things […]

Food, Body & Life are your best friends, not your enemies

One of the most important mindset shifts you can make in order to develop a healthy and fertile relationship not only with Life, but also with your body and even with food (that then will translate into a healthy and fertile body according to the “as above-so below” principle) is to replace “enemy” with “friend” […]

We are not asking the right questions!

Are you vegetarian?Do you eat meat?Any special diet? Gluten-free, dairy-free…? These are the most frequent questions I get whenever I am invited to eat somewhere, especially when people know I am into nutrition. However, these are NOT the right questions to ask! Just because I eat meat does not mean that I eat ANY type […]

The importance of the gut for health & fertility

If we consider that 70-80% of our immune system lies in the gut, it is crucial to talk about gut health as THE important factor to improve our overall health, well-being – and also fertility – all year long. Simplified, there are two main and interdependent aspects to gut health: gut flora and gut permeability. Gut flora Our gut […]

Why I am not in favor of assisted fertility treatments

This is a delicate topic, yet one that has to be raised and that I feel about very strongly. Most of my colleagues in the field of holistic fertility would tell you that their recommendations will be beneficial for you also during fertility treatments. While I do agree that they will definitely help you to […]

Food, Body and the Feminine

From a mere energetic point of view, food is Feminine. Food comes from MOTHER Earth and is solid matter and as such more Feminine than airy thoughts and consciousness. Soft fat is energetically also more Feminine than hard muscles. The allocation into Feminine or Masculine is not an evaluation. One is not better than the […]

Where and how do animals NATURALLY get vitamin B12?

Today I want to talk to you about a nutrient essential for health and fertility: Vitamin B12…  Vitamin B12 is essential to maintain the health of the neurons and the blood. It also supports the formation of the genetic material in all cells. As states Chris Kresser: “B12 deficiency has been associated with or can […]

Animal Sanctuaries, the Drama Triangle and Victim Consciousness

The Drama Triangle describes a model of dysfunctional social interactions and illustrates a power game that involves three roles: Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor, each role representing a common and ineffective response to conflict. We can apply it not just to our personal relationships, but also to our whole medical or “health” system. As long as […]

Responding from fear or from trust

There are things we control and others we don’t. As much as we take responsibility to create the favorable circumstances for health and harmony to occur, the body will get sick and we will live difficult situations at some point in life. This is simply part of life and the path of the soul. We […]

Softening the need to be right

We are so polarized these days, whether it’s about food and eating, relationships and sex, gender and equality, religion and spirituality, politics and war…. Who has not found themselves in situations where someone is very opinionated about a specific topic, maybe even backing up there perspective through “science”, in order to give their arguments more […]

Being Omnivore – to what extent can we trust the design of Nature?

It is a biological fact that the human being is omnivorous and needs to feed on both, foods of plant origin and foods of animal origin to enjoy optimal long-term health and fertility. That is how the universe has designed us – like or not. To what extent are we able to trust nature, to […]

Does Eating prevent us from being spiritual?

Does eating prevent us from being spiritual, from accessing more subtle dimensions? Do you have to transcend the body, food, the lower chakras? Can everybody fast or will everybody feel more clarity and tranquility when eating little? As always, there is no one-size-fits-all. It is very easy to fall into the trap of projecting our […]

Pure Science

Recently, in a ritual of prayers for the world, I was assigned to pray for pure science. My first internal reaction was “Oh nooo, I don’t believe in science.” The same thing happens when people describe me as “scientific” in my way of being and working. It is not a description that I usually like […]