Fertile Path Workshops

Exploring Health & Fertility from a Mind-Body-Nutrition Perspective

I sometimes (co-) organize events and workshops to explore health and fertility-related topics from a Mind-Body-Nutrition perspective. If you are interested to participate in any of those events, please reserve your spot by filling in the form below.


Upcoming Workshops

  • Holistic Chakra Evenings: One evening per month to discover and balance one of your chakras through embodiment, nutrition and imagery. Dates: 4.10.19 (Root Chakra), 8.11.19 (Sacral Chakra), 4.12.19 (Solarplexus Chakra). Dates for chakra 4-7 in 2020.


Other workshops

On demand I can also organize workshops on other t0pics. All workshops can be proposed in shorter (i.e. 1-1.5 hour) or longer formats (i.e. 3 hours or even a whole day)

  • Key stages on your path to pain-free menstrual flow
  • Key stages on your way to peace with food, body & life
  • 3 unexpected gifts in miscarriage
  • How to select food that is truly good for you, the farmers, the animals and the planet
  • How to create balanced meals
  • Shopping tour
  • Efficiency Cooking
  • Lactofermentation & Gut Health
  • Know your Fats
  • Eating Animal Foods can be regenerative (healthy, sustainable, ethical)
  • Nourishing your Baby
  • The Symbolism of Symptoms
  • The links between planetary health and individual health
  • Stress, Nutrition & Hormones
  • Food & Sexuality


If you are interested in me coming to talk to your group of friends, colleagues, employees, sports team, students, pupils, parents… just contact me for a tailored offer.

Many of my workshops are also available as webinars or online courses. Check out my Virtual Guidance here.