1-on-1 Personal Camino

Your individual journey for preconception, menstrual support, hormonal balance and/or vitality & joy

Are you inspired to find your way back to the Fertile Path, back to your individual metabolic and personal balance, in a way that is regenerative for you and also for the planet? Do you yearn to understand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages hidden underneath your unwanted symptoms? Are you open-minded, self-responsible and ready for profound change, both in the dietary as in the personal realms?


If you answered yes, then where would you like to go?

  • Preconception Camino: You desire to prepare yourself “from soul to soil” for conception in order to optimize your chances for a smooth conception, pregnancy and birth, a healthy and strong baby and also to maintain your own health and vitality in the process.
  • Menstrual Camino: You desire to improve (or to recover) the experience of menstruation, both on a physical and a psychological level. You wish to transform your relationship with your menstrual cycle to a source of empowerment rather than suffering.
  • Hormonal Balance Camino: You are not (yet) desiring to conceive nor are menstrual issues your focus point, but you still feel that your hormones are “off” and desire to get back to a place of balance both in your body and in your soul.
  • Fertile Life Camino: You desire to live a life full of vitality, creativity and joy, while at the same time contributing to regenerate this planet.

How does it work?


All Caminos start with my Astro-Metabolic Profiling Process in order to determine your needs and design the general outline of your individual path. Because as with any path, there is no one Camino. Some people walk the whole Camino in a few months, while others walk it in stages spread over several years. Some like to walk long distances every day while others enjoy a slower pace and often rest for a few days in the same place before moving on. One is not better than the other. It’s YOUR Camino and needs to be adapted to YOUR individual physical and psychological needs. The only thing that is certain is that you cannot walk the Camino in just one day.


Your personal Camino might contain the following elements:

  • Your Astro-Metabolic Profile
  • My Virtual Camino Online Program as a support to our individual sessions, allowing us to spend our time together more efficiently rather than explaining concepts.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly online sessions of 1.5 hours duration. Depending on your needs, these sessions might focus on nutrition, lifestyle, relationships or mindset and also include embodiment practices to help you be more grounded, develop your sensual perception and awareness, discern nourishing from harmful, set boundaries and assert desires, accept and forgive, unblock energy and express emotions in a non-violent way, access the stories behind your emotions and transform them into empowering allies, balance your inner Masculine and Feminine to improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and others…
  • Additional relevant materials, recommendations or even practitioners


The investment for your personal Camino may vary widely depending on your desires, needs and budget. Please contact me for a personalized offer.


If you want to walk the Camino together with your partner, know that you both have to book your individual package, since I will work with both of you individually (if we decide to combine sessions, they will be longer in time). However, you each receive 20% discount on the price.


Please note that I am not a doctor and will not “diagnose” or “treat” you in any way. That being said, you are welcome to provide relevant health reports and I might even suggest additional tests or analyses if applicable, such as food intolerance testing.


Sessions are held in person or virtually via zoom. Possible languages: English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish.


If we decide to walk together, I commit to guiding you along the different stages of your personal way, putting all my tools at your disposal, allowing the path to unfold as it may while following a general direction. In return, I ask full commitment from your side as well.


Book your initial free call NOW by filling in the form below. You can also send me a message on Telegram or Whatsapp to +34 650 761092 or write an e-mail to concha@caminodelafertilidad.com.