Tantric Cooking Part 2

Do you eat with your head or with your heart? Are you running on autopilot or are you connected and present to your senses, to the ever-changing flow of creative energy, allowing every day, every moment to be different, open to new possibilities? What taste do you desire to experience this morning, what temperature, what […]

From meal planning to tantric cooking

I have shifted. The process that started a couple of years ago is embodied now. How do I know? Because my way of doing food has changed again. It struck me this week after another efficiency cooking session unfolded very differently than it used to. My cooking first evolved from “Masculine” to “Feminine” meal planning […]

What is regenerative / fertile food?

Switching from edible food products to natural and unprocessed (or only gently processed) foods is a necessary first step, but it cannot stop there, at least not if your goal is optimal health and fertility. If you want your food to optimally support your health and fertility, it needs to be grown in or raised […]

Why Alpro (and Provamel) are not a healthy choice

Some time ago Iris hospitals organized the “week of dietetics”. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for healthy eating among patients and to help them make better food choices. The first thing that caught my eye was the line-up of Alpro products on the information table: different sorts of vegetable drinks (from […]

What is the healthiest and most sustainable fish to eat in Belgium?

Fish is a great source for easy-to-digest proteins, healthy fats (more or less fat depending on the type of fish) and key nutrients such as iodine, zinc and selenium (which are all crucial for the thyroid). When it comes to fish, we have to select smartly though, because of potential heavy-metal contamination and of course, […]

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol are good for you

The biggest myth surviving in the world of nutrition is probably that foods rich in saturated fat and/or cholesterol are bad for you. This myth stems from the 1950’s, when Ancel Keys published a study linking saturated fats to high cholesterol and heart disease. Although the study turned out to be severely flawed afterwards, it has ever since […]

Real Food on a Budget

While (at first sight) healthy food is often more expensive, it is not true that eating healthy is only affordable for high-income households. In fact, if we’d incorporate all the costs (and inconveniences) of developing and treating degenerative diseases caused by the long-term consumption of contaminated and/or processed food (including the “organic junk”), we would […]