The masks you did not even know you were wearing

Per definition, the unconscious is not conscious to us. Something that is not conscious is something that is not visible. It is our shadow and can only be revealed to us through the mirror of other people or circumstances. It’s usually what triggers us in others, but does not seem to resonate with us at […]

Why I do not recommend raw food diets

Besides providing nutrients, all foods also have a thermic effect on the body. They can be warming, neutral, or cooling. Knowing the thermal properties of a food allows you to adapt your food choices to the season, and can help you correct imbalances in your own individual metabolism. Raw food or food taken directly from […]

How to deal with triggers: avoidance or confrontation?

We all have people, situations or even foods that trigger uncomfortable feelings in us. Feelings such as not being (good, strong, beautiful, valuable…) enough, being “too much” (too intense, too complicated, too needy…), being abandoned, powerless… or the fear of any of those. We now have the following choices: We can avoid those OUTSIDE triggers […]

Feel it – Deal it – Heal it

The Fertile Way is a path through Life filled with color, abundance, love and aliveness – it is rich and delicious, beautiful and deeply nourishing. It is a path that is available to anyone who chooses to walk it, no matter your age or your gender.  The Fertile Path is paved with feelings. A hugely important […]