Podcast on Conscious Pregnancy Loss

21-10-20: Conscious Pregnancy Loss Podcast Interview with Lindsey Curtis from Her Return This episode Lindsey sits down with Claudia Kaiser to open up on miscarriage – also known as pregnancy loss &/or natural abortion. Claudia is a Mind-Body-Nutrition Coach who is on a mission to help women and men, their (future) children & the planet […]

Love, Freedom & Trust

Just like love is only love if it is unconditional, trust is only trust if it is unconditional. It cannot be tied to a specific outcome, or else it is not trust. I cannot say to the Universe: “If you truly love me, I trust you will make me a millionaire, make this or that […]

Pregnancy after miscarriage: How to deal with fear

When I found myself pregnant again after having suffered a miscarriage just a few months earlier, I was forced to face some very deep fears around loss and suffering. I still remember how in the midst of the 12 hours of contractions that proceeded the first miscarriage I asked my partner how we could ever […]

What I learned from my miscarriages – Part 2

In July 2017, the ground was pulled under my feet when my embryo(s) got flushed down the toilet at 9.5 weeks of my first pregnancy. Apart from the excruciating physical suffering, it was a tremendous emotional shock, since it came completely out of the blue for me (us). Not even once had I considered the […]

What I learned from my miscarriage – Part 1

Let’s get pregnancy loss out of the dark. It’s only when I experienced it myself, that I realized how common it is. What a weird world where we are supposed to hide the joy of our pregnancy for 3 months only to then hide the pain if we do indeed lose it. I say let’s […]

The importance of making your story right

Think about the story you have been telling yourself about yourself, especially when it comes to the hard and difficult moments of your life, the challenges you had to face when it comes to your health, your relationships, work, finances… Is it a story full of annoying problems, anger, sadness, regret, sarcasm, complaining, “poor me” […]