Farmers Friday

Besides helping to optimize human fertility, it is also my mission to help optimize environmental fertility, which basically means soil fertility. In fact, one cannot be without the other. The two are so closely connected, that if we truly want to optimize one, we have to look at the other, too.

I am especially passionate about the role animals play in soil fertility. Contrary to main-stream propaganda, animals (and as such eating animal foods) are not intrinsically harming soil fertility nor climate. To the contrary – done “correctly”, grazing animals is one of the best ways to regenerate the soil, to increase soil fertility and thus to fight climate change! It is the industrial way that we raise them that is the problem. The HOW is much more relevant when it comes to what we grow and eat than the WHAT. That is true not just for animals, but also for plants. I explore this topic much more in detail in my 3 part article on how Eating Animal Foods can be regenerative for human health & fertility, environmental health & fertility and can also be ethical. You find that article here.

From an industrial to a sustainable food system

I believe that the solution to our food system’s (and such ecological & climate) crisis is to make a qualitative shift from industrially-produced foods to regenerative, sustainably-produced foods – across all food groups – rather than merely shifting from one food category to another (i.e. from beef to chicken or from animal foods to plant foods) within the industrial model, as currently promoted through campaigns such as “Meatless Monday”. Small-scale regenerative farming (i.e. permaculture, agroecology, biodynamic farming…) is central to this approach.

I dream of a Farmers’ Friday Movement that discusses and raises awareness about topics such as: Real Food vs. edible food products, regenerative vs. sustainable vs. industrial agriculture and food systems, the role of animals, ethical meat etc.

I explain and visualize this idea more in this document.

So far it is just an idea… If it speaks to you, please help me move it forward.