What is Your Creation Pattern ?

As above, so below. As within, so without. What happens on one level has its equivalent on all other levels. When it comes to fertility, this means that the way we create babies is likely to be equal or very similar to the way we create projects and vice versa. Looking deeply at what’s happening in the physical body can give us valuable insights into what’s happening in the less visible, in the less conscious emotional, mental or even spiritual bodies.

Personally, while I have been somewhat aware both of my physical and mental creation process, I had not yet connected the dots between the two. As a result, I had neither been able to see the general underlying pattern nor to allow one level to inform the other. That changed recently and it was a mind-blowing epiphany. Like the scales finally falling from my eyes. For the first time I clearly saw the parallels between my physical and mental fertility. I clearly saw my general creation pattern.

My creation pattern

While for me it is very easy to conceive (a baby, an idea, a project…) and to start the growing process, I have difficulties to maintain it, to carry it to full-term. I birth my creations when they are still too immature to survive or I even kill them again before they are birthed.

It was so obvious that I asked myself how I could have not seen it before.

On a physical level, both of my pregnancies were conceived easily (even without “trying”) – and both were naturally aborted in a very immature state at 9 weeks. On a mental level, I have a constant flow of ideas – and most die as quickly as they were conceived. I really noticed how hard it is for me to not try to cut corners during the creation process when I took a sewing course earlier this year. I actually haven’t gone back to practicing at home, since I just do not have the patience all by myself.

Since the body lives downstream of the soul, connecting the dots is very empowering, because it means that by changing my mental pattern, I can change my physical pattern, too (so going back to sewing would actually be an excellent practice for me…). I can also take insights from my experience with physical creation and apply them to my mind babies, and vice versa. In fact, I finally gained the clarity I had been missing when it comes to my current book creation process by looking closely at my two early pregnancy losses. They clearly showed me which road to take and which one to avoid in order to minimize the risk of miscarriage and to maximize my chances for a successful pregnancy and birth.

What is YOUR creation pattern?

Looking closely at your physical and/or mental creation process allows you to connect the dots between the two, discover your creation pattern and allow one to inform the other.

Please note that this process can be very confronting. Yet it is not meant to point fingers or blame anyone. The only intention is to bring into the light what’s currently in the dark, in other words: to increase awareness and consciousness.

Look at your physical creation process (fertility) and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it hard or difficult for me to conceive a baby?
  • Am I able to conceive all by myself or do I (feel like I) need assistance from the outside?
  • Do I maybe even need someone else to grow and birth my baby?
  • Do I trust my ability to conceive and grow a baby?
  • If I am not able to conceive, is it because I am not ovulating ( = not producing an egg that can be fertilized) or is it fertilized but does not implant ( = I reject what I conceived)? As a man, do you not produce enough seeds or are the seeds you produce of poor quality?
  • Do I actually desire to conceive a baby or is it just something I feel I am supposed to do?
  • Do I desire to conceive no matter what or only in co-creation with a partner?
  • Am I determined to manifest my desire, even if I have to do so all by myself?
  • Am I ready to think outside of the box, using modern technology to bring my desire to life, if needed?
  • Do I have clear ideas of how conception, pregnancy and birth “should” happen?
  • Am I selective about what and with whom I conceive?
  • Do I prepare for conception and conceive consciously or does it just happen, maybe even by accident?
  • Is what I conceive wanted or unwanted?
  • Am I impatient to conceive, maybe even trying to accelerate or force the process? Or can I allow it to come to me when it’s ready?
  • Do I focus on making conception happen or on creating the ideal circumstances for it to happen by itself?
  • Do I have a tendency to grow multiple babies out of one seed?
  • Am I able to maintain the seed and grow it beyond immaturity?
  • Do I have a tendency to lose the baby when it’s already in an advanced stage of development?
  • Do I give birth prematurely? Or does my baby not want to come out when it’s (over)due?
  • Is pregnancy ( = the process of growing the seed into a full-grown baby) a difficult or smooth experience for me?
  • Is the birthing process ( = the actual coming-to-live of the baby) painful or blissful? Does it happen naturally or do I need medical assistance?
  • How do I envision my ideal birthing process?
  • Are my children healthy and strong or weak and sick?
  • Do I have support after birth or do I have to take care of my baby all by myself?
  • … (any other question that might be relevant in your specific case)

Now apply your answers to your mental babies, your ideas and projects. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Repeat the process for your mental ideas and projects and apply your answers to your physical fertility.

I am very interested to hear which insights you gained from this practice, so please do not hesitate sharing by commenting or sending me a private e-mail.


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