The masks you did not even know you were wearing

Per definition, the unconscious is not conscious to us. Something that is not conscious is something that is not visible. It is our shadow and can only be revealed to us through the mirror of other people or circumstances. It’s usually what triggers us in others, but does not seem to resonate with us at […]

You cannot save someone who needs to drown – but you can save yourself from going down with them

There is a tendency I have observed in myself, in people I love, in clients and in the world in general, and that is the tendency of the Feminine trying to drag the Masculine out of its toxic state of unconsciousness into the light. I am not necessarily talking about women trying to drag men […]

Healthy arguing

What the way we discuss controversial topics tells us about ourselves and our immune system Have you noticed how otherwise rational people can get so absorbed in emotional arguments that they even lose it when it comes to the very values they claim to defend, namely tolerance, respect, compassion and love? Whether it’s about eating […]

How to deal with triggers: avoidance or confrontation?

We all have people, situations or even foods that trigger uncomfortable feelings in us. Feelings such as not being (good, strong, beautiful, valuable…) enough, being “too much” (too intense, too complicated, too needy…), being abandoned, powerless… or the fear of any of those. We now have the following choices: We can avoid those OUTSIDE triggers […]