How much do you enjoy your home?

Home… your roots, your place of safety to restore and recharge your body and soul – at least in an ideal world. This time of restricted free movement is an excellent opportunity to tune into how much you actually enjoy being in the place you live (your concrete house or flat, but also your street, […]

Absolute freedom vs. non-restriction

Absolute love equals absolute freedom. However, absolute freedom does NOT necessarily equal non-restriction. In fact, absolute freedom includes the freedom to CHOOSE restriction. And that is not necessarily a sign of ill-health. Just like not restricting yourself is not necessarily a sign of good health. Oftentimes clients tell me that their goal is to be […]

About feeling safe and your first chakra

This Friday the 13th full moon has been illuminating a deep fear for me. The fear of not being safe. The fear of being violated. The fear of the unconscious Masculine. On Thursday I shared a randomly selected picture from the past and its story on my Facebook page. It’s been a moment in my […]