Animal Sanctuaries, the Drama Triangle and Victim Consciousness

The Drama Triangle describes a model of dysfunctional social interactions and illustrates a power game that involves three roles: Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor, each role representing a common and ineffective response to conflict. We can apply it not just to our personal relationships, but also to our whole medical or “health” system. As long as […]

Responding from fear or from trust

There are things we control and others we don’t. As much as we take responsibility to create the favorable circumstances for health and harmony to occur, the body will get sick and we will live difficult situations at some point in life. This is simply part of life and the path of the soul. We […]

Being Omnivore – to what extent can we trust the design of Nature?

It is a biological fact that the human being is omnivorous and needs to feed on both, foods of plant origin and foods of animal origin to enjoy optimal long-term health and fertility. That is how the universe has designed us – like or not. To what extent are we able to trust nature, to […]

Does Eating prevent us from being spiritual?

Does eating prevent us from being spiritual, from accessing more subtle dimensions? Do you have to transcend the body, food, the lower chakras? Can everybody fast or will everybody feel more clarity and tranquility when eating little? As always, there is no one-size-fits-all. It is very easy to fall into the trap of projecting our […]

Tantric Cooking Part 2

Do you eat with your head or with your heart? Are you running on autopilot or are you connected and present to your senses, to the ever-changing flow of creative energy, allowing every day, every moment to be different, open to new possibilities? What taste do you desire to experience this morning, what temperature, what […]

Podcast Alimentation & Sexualité (FR)

3-3-22: Podcast au Love Health Center au sujet de: Alimentation et Sexualité Claudia Kaiser, passionnée et coach en nutrition holistique et fertilité naturelle, vous amène sur un chemin d’exploration des parallèles entre votre manière de vous alimenter et votre sexualité. Au-dessus comme au-dessous, à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur. Ce qui se passent dans les différents domaines […]

Podcast on Fertile Regeneration & Metabolic Profiling

21-2-22: Fertile Regeneration and Astro-Metabolic Profiling Podcast Interview with Lindsey Curtis from Her Return Lindsey sits with Claudia Kaiser to open up on her multidisciplinary creation – Astro-Metabolic Profiling.  Weaving together Metabolic Typing, Chinese medicine, eating psychology, symbolism of symptoms, astrology, and chakras, Claudia supports women in harmonizing and nourishing their constitutions for optimal fertility.  […]