Regenerative Mind Body Nutrition Foundations

What I explain to all my longer-term coaching clients who come to me with hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue or fertility issues

You already eat organic or “healthy”, but still suffer from debilitating symptoms? Does it feel like it takes all your energy just to maintain status quo, but you are not improving?


There is a difference between not being sick and being truly healthy.


Do you desire to move beyond sustainability and to start regenerating?
Do you desire to go to the root of your challenges and to see the bigger picture?


This 220 min (3h 40min) video course contains all the information pieces of my Virtual Camino (the complete Virtual Camino also contains embodiment practices, videos about the different chakras, symptoms of over-and underactivity and how to create balance with food and beyond, and the dynamics of the inner Masculine & Feminine, efficiency cooking guidelines, audios and monthly Q&A meetings).


It is what I explain to all my longer-term coaching clients. Getting this information in a self-study format saves you a lot of money compared to individual sessions. Just following the general advice shared in this course will help you improve your situation significantly. After you have studied it, you can then book your Astro-Metabolic Profile or a Personal Consultation to fine-tune the recommendations and adapt them to your individual metabolism.


If you just want the summary, download my free Fertile Food Plan here.



  • Video 1: What is regenerative nutrition, how to select foods that are truly good for you and the planet and how to create balanced meals (42:10 min)
  • Video 2: Under which conditions eating animal foods can be regenerative (nutritional, environmental and ethical considerations – 28:23 min)
  • Video 3: The endocrine system, the stress response, pregnenolone steal, the menstrual cycle and the effect of the pill (12:54 min)
  • Video 4: The degenerative effects of refined sugar and natural alternatives (9:39 min)
  • Video 5: Gut health and antinutrients (17:30 min)
  • Video 6: Fats and cholesterol (23:51 min)
  • Video 7: Thyroid, vitamin D and omega 3 / omega 6 (18:03 min)
  • Video 8: Powerful substances and sleep (8:12 min)
  • Video 9: Detox (10:41 min)
  • Video 10: The story we tell ourselves (21:01 min)
  • Video 11: The symbolism of symptoms (27:34 min)



I am currently experimenting with FREE energy flow. This means that I do not require you to pay me anything in exchange for my time, insight or services. On the other hand, I will only actually give my gifts to you, if I feel a true heart YES; if I would be willing to actually do it for free. So it is not a given that I will actually consent to provide you with my services :).  The intention behind this experiment is that I no longer want to come from a place of “need” to make money (scarcity), I no longer want to “work” and I no longer want to have a “business”. Instead, I intend to practice being the LOVE that I know I am in my essence. And that implies giving my gifts freely, IF I actually have “fullness” to share, without expecting any direct energy exchange in return. That does not mean you cannot give back to me, if that is a desire you truly feel in your heart. But I no longer require it nor limit the exchange to a specific channel or form (money). I simply trust the Universal law of LOVE and energy flow that always keeps balance, and know that I am always sustained.


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