The Fertile Path

How to regenerate yourself from soil to soul before planting the seed

From fertile food to fertile mindset 

Both, human and planetary health and fertility are degrading rapidly. We attempt to plant seeds in depleted soils and in depleted bodies. When that does not produce the desired result, we turn to the medical system for assistance. Yet forcing the earth and the body to produce despite their evident state of depletion completely ignores nature’s wisdom, with detrimental long-term consequences for our entire species.

Being fertile is key far above and beyond our physical capacity to procreate. Ultimately, fertility is a manifestation of creativity and vitality. Subfertility thus affects our entire life experiences, regardless of gender, age or whether or not we have a partner or desire a baby.

In this book, the author suggests that struggling with fertility, both on an individual and on a collective level, is neither an inevitable fate nor a punishment; it is a symptom which points to underlying imbalances.

How can we detect subfertility before it actually manifests itself as the inability to conceive? How can we prepare body, mind and soul for conception in a way that optimizes our own, our children’s and this planet’s long-term health and fertility? 

Especially if you desire to conceive naturally, but also if you are looking for ways how to live a life full of vitality, creativity and joy, while contributing to regenerate this planet, this book provides a wide range of concrete tools to help you eat and live the fertile way.

About the author

Claudia Kaiser has trained in Holistic Nutrition, TCM Nutrition, Metabolic Typing and Mind-Body Eating. As the culmination of her personal “path of scarcity”, she struggled with an eating disorder. It took her more than a decade to find peace with food and body and to recover from the resulting menstrual and hormonal issues. Eventually her journey took her back on the fertile path, i.e. a way of eating and living that not only regenerates body and soul, but also Mother Earth. This is what she has been sharing with her clients since 2012, when she followed her true purpose and exchanged her career in a multinational company for her own practice as a Nutrition & Fertility Coach. 

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