Do you compensate with food?

Authorities are worried that due to Covid-19 alcoholism will become more of a problem. The same could be said for Eating Issues. Right now, addictions and compensatory behaviors are the only way many people can still escape from themselves, their emotions and their inner and/or outer reality at home. Fast eating and overeating are effective […]

The soul lesson behind my burn

This is part 3 of my article on how to treat a burn from a Mind-Body-Nutrition Perspective. In part 1 I explained how I treated my 2nd degree burn externally to maximize healing and minimize scar formation. In part 2 I look at how to use nutrition to support healing from the inside. This 3rd part looks […]

Breast Cancer Awareness is not Prevention

As every year in October, we see the pink ribbons all over. People run or march to support breast cancer awareness and research, thinking that this equals prevention. Yet in the very best of cases this helps to diagnose the condition and to start treatment earlier. It has nothing to do with prevention. PREvention means […]

The masks you did not even know you were wearing

Per definition, the unconscious is not conscious to us. Something that is not conscious is something that is not visible. It is our shadow and can only be revealed to us through the mirror of other people or circumstances. It’s usually what triggers us in others, but does not seem to resonate with us at […]

The Symbolism of Symptoms: How reading in your body informs you about the needs of your soul

Introduction Most of us have been conditioned to look at disease or ailments as a purely physical problem that is usually caused by some trigger outside of us (i.e. bacteria, viruses, genes, environment, age, accidents…) and that we need to eradicate as soon and as permanently as possible. Ideally, we would even prevent the disease […]

What I learned from my miscarriages – Part 2

In July 2017, the ground was pulled under my feet when my embryo(s) got flushed down the toilet at 9.5 weeks of my first pregnancy. Apart from the excruciating physical suffering, it was a tremendous emotional shock, since it came completely out of the blue for me (us). Not even once had I considered the […]

What I learned from my miscarriage – Part 1

Let’s get pregnancy loss out of the dark. It’s only when I experienced it myself, that I realized how common it is. What a weird world where we are supposed to hide the joy of our pregnancy for 3 months only to then hide the pain if we do indeed lose it. I say let’s […]

The two main reasons people stay up later than they know is good for them

A good night’s sleep CRUCIAL for balanced hormones and metabolism in general. It’s at night that we recover and rebuild. In fact, every organ has its “time” and from 11pm to 3am it’s gallbladder and liver time. This iswhy you would ideally be in bed at 10pm, so you give those organs the chance to […]