The art of staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for EVERYbody. What we need water for Transportation of oxygen and all the necessary nutrients, enzymes and immune factors via the bloodstream to your organs and cells. You might be eating the right stuff, but without water, it cannot arrive at your cells.Elimination of toxins and metabolic waste. Ever tried cleaning […]

Slow down to accelerate healing

ANY person that wants to heal, needs to slow down – with food, as much as in any other area of their lives. This is because in order for healing to occur, the body needs to get into the “rest-and-digest” restorative mode, as opposed to the “fight-or-flight” stress mode. This is especially true for Fast Oxidizer Metabolic Types, […]

4 ways how excessive cardio can do more harm than good

Running and other kinds of endurance training are increasingly popular nowadays. It’s said that they help to prevent cardio-vascular disease, keep you healthy and in shape. Unfortunately quite the opposite may be true. Too frequent and/or too intense endurance exercise, especially when combined with a stressful work/study schedule, and malnourishment (either due to a “junk food” […]