About the Camino Vision, Mission & Philosophy

My vision is a truly fertile world – a world filled with color, abundance, love and aliveness – it is rich and delicious, beautiful and deeply nourishing. This healthy & fertile world manifests itself in balanced & flourishing men, women and children of all ages, and these healthy & fertile people keep the world (planet) in balance & flourishing.

People in this world live in harmony with nature and with each other, in free, resilient and autonomous communities. People are real & conscious, authentic & confident, curious & courageous, mature & loving. They fully embrace non-duality, understand the polarity of yin & yang, Life & Death, Masculine & Feminine. They take responsibility for themselves and their actions, respecting the freedom and individuality of each living being and showing gratitude for its unique contribution to the Circle of Life. 

In this world, people truly love themselves and make food, lifestyle and mindset choices that nourish and regenerate both human and planetary health & fertility – instead of destroying it or simply maintaining status quo. Adults are conscious about the way their choices affect the planet and their (future) children, and they take sufficient time to prepare for conception. As a result, the health and fertility of the future generations and of this planet is optimized.

My mission is to be a guide on the Camino de la Fertilidad (the Fertile Path)


  • to embody and be a role model of a truly fertile person myself
  • to inspire, to shoot arrows of love & consciousness and to transmit my truth & wisdom through writing & talking
  • to help you see the bigger picture, connect the dots between what’s going on within & without, shift your mindset from fear & “dis-ease = enemy” to love & “dis-ease = friend” and understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental & spiritual messages hidden in your unwanted symptoms.
  • to guide you on your unique path back to metabolic & personal balance – in a way that is sustainable & nourishing – for you and also for the planet.
  • to help you reconnect & evolve both your inner Masculine & Feminine
  • to help optimize the next generations’ health & fertility by teaching future parents how to prepare body, mind & soul for conception and how to nourish their child according to its individual profile
  • to show the Fertile path to the existing generation of kids and teens in order to prevent hormone & health issues later in Life
  • to help optimize the planet’s fertility by being an ambassador for a short-circuit, small-scale, artisanal, quality, real, conscious, sustainable, nourishing & inclusive food system, defending regenerative agriculture, incl. animals and eating meat

My main values

  • Truth & Authenticity
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Trust

My philosophy

The following is a summary of some key beliefs that I developed throughout my own journey and that are at the basis of the work I do. Even if you do not agree with each and every statement, I would urge you to at least try them on for a while, to feel what they can do for you, before rejecting them.

  • Metabolic balance is the pre-requisite for personal balance and personal balance is the pre-requisite for metabolic balance. The more in balance our body, mind & soul, the more balance we can bring to the world.
  • Everything in this world is connected because everything is Energy. What we think, feel and do affects ourselves, other living beings and the world. With such great power comes great responsibility.
  • There is no “coincidence”. Everything happens for a reason and is always in our best interest, even if we cannot always see or understand it.
  • A symptom/disease/unwanted behavior or event is a “higher wisdom” speaking through the body, asking for something. Consider it an opportunity to learn an important soul lesson, not a punishment or a problem to be fought.
  • Being relaxed and able to trust Life will create the ideal conditions for healing body, mind and soul.
  • One man’s cure can be the other man’s poison. There is no “one-size-fits-all” – neither in nutrition nor in any other aspect of life. Respect your own and other people’s individuality.
  • Local, small-scale organic farms are the key to transforming our food system and long-term sustainability. Let’s support them as much as we can.
  • Animals are needed for a functioning ecosystem of giving and taking. Eating meat or produce from pasture-fed, free-range, small-scale organic animals can be healthy and sustainable.
  • Never compromise on food quality. Always choose the most natural Real Food available and affordable at a certain moment. You are what you eat. Make food a priority in your life.
  • Change starts inside of us. Be the change you want to see in the world. Realize the power you hold in your hands with your attitude, behavior and money to make small and big change happen.
  • Enjoy the process. Take one step at a time towards a more sustainable life. Don’t stress about taking the “right” decision all the time. Nobody’s perfect.