Don’t blame it on your genes!

Oftentimes we attribute bad health to bad genes. While it’s true that genetics do play a certain role, we are far less victim to them than many of us believe.

The Concept of Epigenetics

The emerging science of epigenetics teaches us that what we eat, drink, think and feel every day has a huge impact on gene expression and thus places a huge portion of power and responsibility in our own hands. Even though we might have genetic predispositions, those genes do not necessarily have to express or at least not have to come to full expression. Nutrients, toxins, emotions and even thoughts actually have the ability to turn on and off genes!

Genes might load the gun, but it is diet, lifestyle and mindset that pull the trigger – or not!

Of course, if we are born with a genetic disease, such as cystic fibrosis for example, there is little we can do to completely heal it. However, we can significantly improve our symptoms and quality of life through changes to our diet, lifestyle, mindset and/or personal life, and thus prevent greater damage.

Why do genes mutate in the first place?

There are many reasons, but one often overlooked and underestimated factor is lifestyle. More, there are studies showing that DNA damage is not only linked to lifestyle, but that those gene mutations can be passed down for several generations. Likewise, the human microbiome (gut flora) has been shown to be passed on for up to seven generations. Recent studies find that the gut microbiome influences everything, from mental health and obesity, to cancer and character. Gut flora imbalances are also clearly linked to hormonal imbalances in a reciprocal way – contributing to and being aggravated by them. Could it be that “cry-babies” or “hyperactive” children simply suffer from a disturbed gut flora? While this for sure is not the only reason, more and more research is confirming this correlation.

This is the main reason why I put so much emphasis on a proper pre-conception preparation! If we optimize our own gene expression BEFORE we pass them on to our children, we not only do a big favor to ourselves, but also to our offspring. 

That being said, if you already have children, don’t beat yourself up for not having had this awareness earlier. Your children are not victim to their genetic predisposition either. Independent of what they have been given, their genetic expression can also be optimized through a healthy diet, a low-stress lifestyle and an empowered mindset. It is never too late to make changes in the face of new information. Gene expression can literally start shifting in minutes. Simply start where-ever you are at NOW. 


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