You are what you eat (and what you eat ate)

We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat”, but what does it ACTUALLY mean?

Let’s take eggs for example. The egg is produced by by the chicken’s body, using the nutrients from what she ate. Since your body will break down the proteins and fats the egg contains and use them to build or maintain your own bones, tissues, hormones, organs, the egg literally becomes part of your physical structure! So the quality of the building material matters!

When it comes to the quality of an egg, it makes a huge difference what the chicken ate and how it lived. Even most of the people who raise chickens for private egg consumption in a non-industrial way on their fincas feed them GMO corn or soy… (where I live we also feed some grains, but it is organic produce). There are a lot of studies showing that pasture-raised animal foods are much more nutrient dense, but also the taste is noticeably better. And that is true not just for animal foods, but also for plant foods.

It makes a huge difference if the tomato you eat comes from a plant boosting with health or is weak and sick. It makes a difference if it comes from a plant that was store bought (and thus produced from commercial seed and treated with chemicals during early stages) or from a plant that was lovingly grown from a selected (ideally organic and local variety) seed.

If you want your food to regenerate your body, it has to be grown or raised in a regenerative way.

Taking it a step further, the egg not only becomes part of your PHYSICAL body, but also your ENERGETIC body. It actually contains the hen’s (and the cock’s) genetic material and could – under the right conditions – develop into a baby chick with its own specific character.

Every chicken has a different character and energy. Personally, I started to prefer the eggs from our two white chickens – the adventurers, the pioneers, the explorers (may they rest in peace 🙏 ), since I identify myself with those qualities. Other times I consciously chose the eggs of the “mummy” chicken to nourish the mother energy in me.

If you want your food to provide you with vital, fertile energy, it needs to contain it.

“You cannot eat sterile, artificial, refined, processed, nutrient-devoid, chemical-rich food with endless shelf-lives and expect to be naturally fertile, nourished and buzzing with energy. You cannot eat food from weak plants grown in depleted soil and expect it to provide you with life force. You cannot eat stressed and sick animals and expect to stay serene and healthy. You cannot eat food produced in way that has harmed the planet’s health and fertility and expect it to support your own personal health and fertility. Your food needs to actually carry the very energy you want it to provide you with.” (extract from my soon to come book)

In an ideal world, we would be able to consciously choose which chicken’s eggs or which plant’s tomato we eat. For that we need to either grow our own food or have a close relationship with the farmer who produces our food.


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