The Number 1 secret to better nutrition without changing anything you eat

Better nutrition without changing what you eat – sounds too good to be true, right? Here’s the thing: we are not what we eat, we are what we can digest and assimilate! 

In fact, you could be eating the healthiest meal in the world, if you are not in the optimal state of digestion and assimilation, you won’t absorb all of those great nutrients. What a waste! 

So if you manage to improve your digestive and assimilation capacity, you get more nutrients from your food, whatever that food is!

The ideal state of digestion and assimilation happens to be the so-called “parasympathetic dominance” or “relaxation response” (also called “rest & digest” mode). Yet >70% of modern people eat in “stress response” (also called “fight-or-flight” mode) or sympathetic dominance state.

Unfortunately, when under stress (perceived or real), the digestive system works inefficiently or even shuts down completely! That makes perfect sense if you consider that originally the fight-or-flight mode was activated when you had to run from a lion or to fight for your life. In this sense, stress was good!

However, nowadays we live in a state of constant low level stress, which overtime can leave us nutrient depleted, tired, sick and fat. 

Taking a few deep breaths before eating, sitting down for your meal, slowing down your pace of eating and eating with full awareness (that means without distraction of technology & co) are the simple, yet key strategies to create dramatic shifts in your metabolism!


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