Free Abundance: Abundance without ownership

When it comes to abundance, we often think that this means to have lots of money and material possessions. In truth however, we can have a huge bank account, house or car and still come from a place of scarcity and fear.

In scarcity mindset there is constant anxiety of not having and of not being enough. In fact, the more fear, the more we tend to accumulate. Fear is a sign of first chakra imbalance – of not feeling save in our body or on this planet. Money is associated with the first chakra, since it provides a sense of security. However, being materially rich without inner peace and balance is the opposite of abundance. If we earn lots of money, yet are selling our soul or losing our health in the process, we are not living in abundance. We are not walking the Fertile Path. This was definitely true for me when I was still working for the corporate world.

Abundance mindset on the contrary is rooted in Love and Trust. There is no stress or competition, because we know that there is always enough for everybody and everybody is enough. We look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. We feel grateful for what we have rather than focusing on what is missing and feeling disappointed. We enjoy inner joy, peace, health and fertility. We also enjoy great outer abundance, but we do not necessarily have to possess anyTHING (or anyONE for that matter).

This is actually an advantage if you value simplicity, lightness and freedom, because you can move on at any moment without having to deal with the obligations and limitations that come with ownership. All it takes is the ability to deeply trust Life to always supply you with what you need, when you need it. Simple, but not easy, since we are raised with the idea of scarcity and that we need to accumulate more and more and more.

Personally, I had an epiphany recently, realizing that I linked abundance with a regular income of a certain amount. As a result, I was constantly working and striving to create that for myself – feeling in “lack” when I didn’t succeed. While there is nothing wrong with desiring a steady flow of income, the question is again whether I come from fear or from love, from abundance or from scarcity. Do I actually NEED a regular income RIGHT NOW to live an abundant, stress-free life? Or is it just an ego ambition to prove to myself that I can actually do it? A way to deal with my lack of trust in existence? What about all the other ways abundance manifests in my Life? Like the savings I still have. Or gifts I get. Or what I call “Free Abundance”: abundance without ownership.

An example:

I have been following a course in agro-ecological gardening since fall 2018. Especially now during summer we are welcome to water the plants between the sessions, but also to simply enjoy and replenish ourselves in the beautiful garden. I accepted that invitation for the first time recently. For many hours I had the whole huge, fertile garden, a natural (!) pool, hammocks, a lovely cat and lots of peace and quiet all to myself. I felt so rich and yet so light and free! When I left with a bag full of greens fresh from the field, I seriously wondered why on Earth I was working so hard to create a “reliable” income, when Life was giving me all that abundance for free.

Sure, I can have the desire to build myself a reliable income, but what if I stopped trying so hard to make it happen? I already know that I am not on this planet to prove anything to anyone, but to learn to trust Life. What if my lesson was to trust so deeply that I could just drop the “stable income” goal? Paradoxically, by dropping it I would probably even increase my likelihood of reaching it – just that I wouldn’t really care anymore… So far things always turned out fine in my Life, even better than expected… What if I could simply live with minimum possessions and maximum freedom?

In fact, that’s exactly what I have already learned to do when it comes to relationships. Even though I still desire a core relationship, there is no point in trying to force it. To the contrary, doing so only pushes the possibility of it further away from me. While I am staying open for it to come to me in its own time and place, it’s no longer a goal. I do not have to be in a relationship to relate. I can simply relax and enjoy free and non-possessive love and connection in the many ways it presents itself to me, through friends, lovers, self-love, even nature…

What an epiphany to realize that I wasn’t applying the same principle yet to my finances. Of course, we live in a material world and need money to a certain extent. Money can even be used to do many good things, so there’s nothing inherently “bad” about it. Still, I think that we all could use some more trust in Life. Instead of over-working ourselves so that we can afford to fly on vacation or to buy a big house with a pool (that we then have to take care of constantly), we could simply find ourselves a big, fertile garden, a natural pool and enjoy ourselves right now. If we had enough or wanted to try something else next time, we’d just do it.

There is so much abundance already here right now. We just have to open up to it and receive it.

Unshakable trust in Life is one of the core concepts I teach you on the Camino de la Fertilidad, whether you walk with me 1-on-1 or virtually. For more information check out my guidance options here.


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