How I manage food while in France

I am currently spending 6 weeks in France. Food is very important to me, so before I embarked on my journey, I made sure I would be covered well! I also wanted to avoid the supermarket as much as possible.

Luckily, the friend I am renting the apartment from runs a bio shop, so I placed a major order of storable vegetables and potatoes with her before she closed for the winter break (I would have done the same if the bio shop had belonged to someone else ;))

Yes that’s right, I ordered a total of 40 kg of vegetables, 10 kg of potatoes and 1 kg of apples (she left me about 5 kg more…). I ordered whole boxes as the wholesaler delivers them, so she would not be left with any left-overs before closing (and I got a discount on top ;)). And I am actually eating this much!

In addition to that, I took about 4.5 kg frozen meat, chicken and fish in my suitcase: a whole frozen beef heart from my holistically grazed meat delivery, a whole chicken and a big wild salmon. I made a big heart stew and chicken broth upon arrival (to be then frozen in portions). I also refroze the salmon in portions.

I also sent myself a package with a variety of grains and legumes, nuts and seeds, collagen, supplements and special herbal teas and bought a few extra items in her shop (like bread and butter) and in the supermarket (tinned fish).

That’s it. My menu these days looks like this:

  • Main dish 1: Mashed Potatoes with red cabbage/leeks and beef heart stew
  • Main dish 2: Pumpkin-sweet potato-leeks soup made with chicken broth, collagen and butter, eaten with buckwheat flakes, chicken meat and black tahin.
  • Main dish 3: A grain with cooked fennel and beetroot plus some sort of fish (sardines, tuna, mackerel, wild salmon)
  • Snack 1: Apple compote with almond-coconut butter, cashews + raisins
  • Snack 2: Sourdough bread from kamut or Einkorn with home-made lentil spread and olives

I don’t really mind that I basically eat the same every day (with some minor variations in the type of fish, type of grain, sometimes a meal of cooked sweet potato with leeks instead of the soup…). I get a wide variety of foods, flavors and nutrients and I truly like everything, so it’s also a pleasure.

If you make food a priority, you can really make eating well work no matter where you go. And eating well really is a form of self-respect.

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