Food, Body and the Feminine

From a mere energetic point of view, food is Feminine. Food comes from MOTHER Earth and is solid matter and as such more Feminine than airy thoughts and consciousness. Soft fat is energetically also more Feminine than hard muscles.

The allocation into Feminine or Masculine is not an evaluation. One is not better than the other. However, we often judge those qualities in a positive or negative way. Many people dislike fat and prefer muscle. However, fat is crucial for our survival, health and fertility.

If you consider your body, food and/or fat (in food or on your body) to be your enemy (meaning there are feelings of fear, distrust, hate, need to control…), you can deduct that you are also in war with the Feminine, incl. your own inner Feminine. Being in war with this fundamental part of yourself is a huge constant stressor for your system and deeply affects your hormones and metabolism.

The fear of body, food and/or fat ( = the Feminine) will most likely result in you trying to control it and push it with exercise ( = the Masculine). You might focus on calories and nutrition data, and forget about nourishment and pleasure. As a result, you might get a very toned and muscular (Masculine) body, you might get extremely skinny and look more like a boy than a woman, with very small breasts, or you might in fact not be able to lose any weight and have a rather soft ( = Feminine) body that constantly challenges you to accept this part of you rather than to fight it. In both cases your body form serves an important function, oftentimes it is a protection mechanism in response to some unconscious belief or fear. Remember, your body is your best friend, not your enemy.

If you suppress the Feminine from your life and your diet, meaning that you run through life at a fast pace, that you work and exercise hard from a place of push, and that you control what you eat from a place of fear or self-hate, you set yourself up for a lot of suffering and pain. You might eventually even experience phases of uncontrollable emotional or binge eating. Rather than you suddenly having a willpower issue, this is simply your Feminine breaking through and asking for your attention. It’s an invitation to take a step back and find a way to eat and live that is more sustainable and takes into account both: the Masculine AND the Feminine. The good nutrition AND the nourishment. The mind AND the emotions.

What does your relationship with food and body look and feel like? Do you feel it corresponds to the relationship you have with the Feminine? Do you have any personal stories / examples to share?


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