Celebrating Life & Celebrating Death

Birthdays… a special opportunity to remember and celebrate the gift that Life is.

When we are born into this world, we do not know how long our Life will last or what kind of challenges and pain awaits us. And still I personally feel extremely grateful for this gift that was channeled through my parents and that I received already 42 years ago. I believe that we are souls incarnating into a physical form to experience all aspects of Life – specifically those energetic constellations depicted in our astrological birthchart. Unconscious desires then manifest the perfect circumstances to experience that which we are here to experience – free of any notion of “good or bad” (even if consciously we do make that separation and it seems like we would rather avoid the “bad” stuff). Even though it seems that the circumstances of our birth are an arbirtrary happening (where we are born, at what point of history, to which parents, in what kind of body…), there comes a time along our path where we have to consciously say YES to our Life. YES, Life is a conscious choice, at least if we desire to live a “fertile” and ultimately fulfilling Life. We have to say YES to all that our Life entails as if we had chosen it, because on a soul level we actually have! We need to consciously OWN the commitment and choices our soul made before incarnating, the needs and desires it has for certain experiences so that it can grow and evolve as it is meant to. YES to the pleasure and YES to the pain; YES to the light and YES to the dark; YES even to disease and Death for the way they help us to stay true to what we most desire in our essence.

It is not the quantity of days in your Life that matter but the quantity of LIFE in your days.

This is the motto I personally live by and what I also try to grant as a gift to all beings I enter in contact with: A LIFE worth living, full of QUALITY. We can have the best intentions regarding the quantity of days in our own lives or in those of the beings we care about and care for, but ultimately it is out of our hands.

  • If you are a plant, you might be eaten by an animal, you might be infested with larvae, you might be destroyed by the harsh rain or burning sun, or you might be picked by someone.
  • If you are an animal, you might freeze or starve, you might become prey to a predator (another animal or a human), you might have an accident, catch a disease, eat something toxic or even be killed by your own tribe. And the same is true if you are a human animal. You might even live many days, but just be wasting away, existing but not fully living…

If a soul desires to leave (which is usually unconscious on a surface level, so it will seem like the human/animal/plant does not want to go), it will find a way to do so. If any of its chosen “helpers” refuses to collaborate, it will make sure another one shows up (like when a rooster I had been hesitating to give Death to was taken by a predator or when I tried to save another rooster by donating it only for it to “disappear” just a few weeks later; in both cases I regretted not having trusted the calling myself and at least eaten that quality meat myself rather than having other beings do so!)

As humans we have the chance to choose Consciousness and Love in everything we do, including if we ourselves choose to inflict Death on other beings or plants. Yes, choosing Life paradoxically entails choosing Death as well – just as we can become a “tool” or channel for giving birth and Life (to babies, things, projects, ideas…), we can also become a “tool” or channel for giving death (to beings, plants, relationships, ways of being…). In fact, if we want to be truly healthy and fertile, we HAVE to be willing to learn to let go, to let die and even to lovingly and consciously (!) “kill” – just like nature moves through constant cycles of birth, death and renewal. I believe that on the other side souls actually celebrate Death Days in a similar way as we celebrate Birthdays, as it is ultimately the same thing (two sides of the same coin). I believe that Death is a way for us to experience one of the energetic constellations we desire to live through in this lifetime, and so we actually choose when to leave and in what way – just as we choose when it is time to come into this world, in what circumstances and through which parents (please note that many babies also do not seem to WANT to come and have to be “forced” to…). When we make these desires and choices CONSCIOUS, we can finally own them, we can say YES to them. Being born by itself is not a guarantee that we will actually LIVE. It is this conscious yes to Life – and also the full embrace of Death as an inevitable part of Life – that makes whole-hearted living possible.

The more we learn to embrace Life FULLY, the pleasure and the pain, the more we can find access to a constant undercurrent of joy, happiness and pure bliss that does not depend on any outer event. We can stop fighting with the external circumstances, embracing them instead for the loving “friend” and co-creator they are being on our path. By learning to be fully and deeply present with the inevitable experience of pain, we can even find the pleasure in it, rather than turning it into suffering by resisting, rejecting and fighting against it. Have you ever experienced a cry-gasm or a scream-gasm? If you just allow Life energy (which is the same as creative, fertile and sexual energy) to move through you without trying to suppress it, contain it, calm it or change it, it will simply peak in an intense but very short release that is ultimately extremely pleasurable because it makes you feel ALIVE. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice. (Please note that this is not about drama or attacking anybody. Please refer to my book The Fertile Path for a detailed description of this process.)

So… May all beings enjoy quality days, independent of the quantity of days they get to be in their chosen form. And may we as conscious beings do the best we can to contribute to the quality of Life of other beings – even if eventually we ourselves might feel called to be the channel that gives them Death*.

*I know it is much “nicer” to become a channel for giving birth and Life rather than Death, but again, both are ultimately the same and we actually need both in this world… Someone just has to do the “dirty” work… Paradoxically, when we try to avoid Death at all cost – our own or the one of other beings – we ultimately prevent Life because they are just inseparable. And so we die (or give death) before actually ever starting to live (or before giving Life, supporting Life, allowing Life…). For example, you choosing to not eat animals in order to avoid them being killed before their time, might ultimately result in them never actually receiving the gift of Life – or might lead to an array of other unintended consequences that ultimately destroy Life, like the degeneration of our soils or the loss of biodiversity. This form of “anti-Life” is actually a form of Death that I personally feel is much worse because it is indirect and not conscious. For more thoughts on “Giving Death” in a CONSCIOUS and LOVING way (which is very different from unconsciously killing), check out my book The Fertile Path and also my YouTube video here.


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