Why I do not recommend raw food diets

Besides providing nutrients, all foods also have a thermic effect on the body. They can be warming, neutral, or cooling. Knowing the thermal properties of a food allows you to adapt your food choices to the season, and can help you correct imbalances in your own individual metabolism. Raw food or food taken directly from the fridge is always more cooling than the same food in cooked state. The following table gives you an overview about the thermal properties of many foods. Click on the picture for a full-size view.

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to eating healthy and there is definitely people for whom a mainly raw food diet will work, I do not recommend it for the majority of people, especially women. 

In general, to foster a fertile climate in the body, one should avoid/limit overly cooling or cold foods. The ovaries and the womb like it warm. “You cannot incubate a baby in a fridge” as fertility expert Emma Cannon says. This is why I recommend that you focus on eating warm meals, including warm breakfast, especially during the colder times of the year. Small portions of raw food and fermented food can be a valuable condiment to those cooked meals, but then again, it all depends on your Metabolic Type and individual constitution. If you are constantly feeling cold or have cold hands and feet, you might want to omit them altogether. 

Just like you, I grew up with typical bread plus marmalade or Nutella breakfasts, and later cereals or muesli with milk or yogurt and fruit. Due to my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and later in Metabolic Typing, and in general due to listening more to my body, I found that the cold breakfasts are not working well for me. They make me feel… cold. Plus most of those classical breakfast foods are not really supportive for health and hormones anyways. Coffee, white bread, cereals, sugary spreads, even fruit (especially as juice)… all have the potential to set your blood sugar on a rollercoaster for the rest of the day. While they do supply you with calories, they do not provide you with much needed nutrients, especially proteins and fats. Need ideas what to eat instead? Click here.

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