The soul lesson behind my burn

This is part 3 of my article on how to treat a burn from a Mind-Body-Nutrition Perspective. In part 1 I explained how I treated my 2nd degree burn externally to maximize healing and minimize scar formation. In part 2 I look at how to use nutrition to support healing from the inside. This 3rd part looks at the soul message hidden for me personally in this burn.

The body makes the invisible (subconscious) visible. Unwanted symptoms, habits and also external events, such as accidents, are a messenger of our soul.

The more severe the symptom, the louder the wake-up call.
The louder the wake-up call, the bigger the necessity to respond.

Small moves might be enough while symptoms are mild. However, where there is chronic or severe disease, symptoms that can only be managed with medication or surgery or – as in my case – accidents, the life change that needs to happen has to be rather radical. If we are honest, we know exactly what this is about. We have been ignoring the call for far too long already.

This is why I tuned deeply into the soul lessons behind my 2nd degree burn that happened end of 2019. Rather than staying stuck in fighting it, resisting it, lamenting it or overly suffering from it, I focussed on the lesson and how to minimize the damage done through internal and external care. I did not particularly like what happened, but I was mostly serene, with some occasional grief or fear popping up about the state of my thigh (which I gave space to be there).

Here’s the insight I gained tuning into my mind, heart and womb, using the process I describe more in detail in this article:

Putting the symptom into words:
I have burned (damaged) my own boundaries. The wound is big and painful, although luckily not very deep. Still it impedes my ability to go forward in Life (thigh). The wound needs all my care to heal well and even then might leave a mark.

What does this symptom force me to do / make me do:

  • I am forced to slow down, to turn inward, to protect and take care of my wound, to focus on rest, healing, self-care, my book, my Life project.
  • I see the discrepancy in my reaction to an “conventional” cream and the fact of living in a polluted city and a flat with mold.
  • I notice how important the way I appear/look is for me and how much I like my body actually.
  • I am reminded of the impermanence and fragility of all things and to appreciate beauty while it is there.
  • I am significantly increasing supplement intake and further optimizing food intake, which will benefit my system beyond the wound.

What does this symptom prevent me from doing:

  • I am prevented from attending courses and classes (dance/tantra), that – even though they are fun and transformative – also distract and even block me from following my true long-term Life path.
  • Connected to that, I am prevented for the third time (!!!) from encountering a woman that I have allowed (and actually even given consent !) to cross my boundaries in the past.

Symbolism of concerned body part:

  • Skin = landscape of the soul, boundaries, contact, tenderness, sensuality, sexuality
  • Thigh = progress, moving forward in Life
  • Right side = Yang, masculine side, thoughts, actions, men, father…


My body is making visible in the physical realm an invisible emotional wound related to the Masculine that apparently is much bigger and more sensitive than I thought it was (although luckily not very deep). I am invited to take as much care of this emotional wound as I am now taking care of my physical wound to minimize permanent damage and scar formation. In a way my body is teaching me how to properly take care of wounds. Had I understood that message when it was still gentle on me and – for example – proactively decided to not expose myself to meet this woman (yet), my body might not have had to interfere in such a violent way.

Rather than burning in the body, I need to burn even stronger for myself, my purpose and what I truly desire for my Life. I have to protect my boundaries no matter what and take proper care of my wounds. I have to keep my inner yin and yang balanced at all times. I have to finally align my outer circumstances to my inner frame.

Looking at my accident that way, moving through the fire transforms me not just physically, but also when it comes to the way I go forward in Life, which has been its ultimate intention. The dis-ease is there to help me heal.

It’s not what happens to us, but what we choose to do with it.


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