The healing power of a pet

Pets can play a very big role in our healing process, because they help us to slow down and allow us to both give love and to receive it. Having a cat on your knees for example, forces you to sit still and to do nothing else but be with her and caress her. Hearing her purring and feeling her soft fur on your skin has a very relaxing effect and connects you to your sensuality. You can feel your heart open and love poor out of it. Seeing her enjoying your company and care can make you extremely happy. You feel connected, needed and loved unconditionally. This is a very powerful, transformative experience.

Through a pet’s presence in your life, you will slowly start to change. And as you change, it will change, too. I firmly believe that by connecting to the energy of love through a pet, we are able to attract loving partners into our lives, too. Because we can only attract what we have inside.

If you are in need of slowing down, are missing the feelings of usefulness, connection and unconditional love in your life, AND are in a state to take on all the responsibilities that come with caring for another living being, consider adopting a pet.

Besides all the advantages mentioned above, taking care of a pet is also a great preparation for having a baby: it might wake you up at night or do do stupid things when it wants to play, to eat or to simply claim attention. So if you want to attract more of this mothering, “taking-care” energy in your life, you might want to consider starting to cultivate it with a pet ;).


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