How to treat a burn naturally

This is part 1 of my article on how to treat a burn from a Mind-Body-Nutrition Perspective. It’s about how I treated my 2nd degree burn externally to maximize healing and minimize scar formation. In part 2 I look at nutrition to support healing from the inside. In part 3 I look at the soul message hidden for me personally in this burn.

With my determination to keep my frame firm, I am constantly put to test by the Universe. After all, it is easy to be strong when things go well. It is when they go “bad” or not like planned that we can easily lose it.

Monday’s lesson was extremely painful. I spilled a big glass of freshly boiled herbal tea over my thigh and burned myself badly (isn’t it interesting that the moment I am setting stronger boundaries my physical boundary gets damaged in such a painful way?). While standing in the shower, running cool water over my leg (and partially also belly) for 30 min, I was observing my feelings. There was shock, disbelief, the need to “understand”, anger, pain and especially fear with regards to my body image. I had burned myself 10 years ago on a much smaller surface and less severely (this time I could immediately see the blisters start to form) and the scar only disappeared recently. Anything to not get my thigh (and belly!) covered in scars please! I was shaken, but still very clear in my mind, present with my emotions and pondering my options.

I could not do any research from under the shower with regards to natural solutions. I immediately thought about aloe vera though, but there was no way I could walk the 800m to the shop to get some. Just seconds out of the shower and I was writhing in pain. 10 years ago I had treated the burn only with propolis (and coconut oil once the wound was closed). A scar had remained, so I was not too excited about this kind of self-experiment now, especially since the surface of the burn was much bigger (20×20 cm…).

My inner Feminine’s main priority was to minimize scars and risk of infection. I did not want antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, but I urgently needed medical support and was ready to accept conventional treatment given the lack of close-by naturopathic alternatives. This was my frame right now.

At the doctor’s (a random doctor around the corner), he diagnosed the burn as 2nd degree for some parts and 1st for others. He disinfected the wound and applied almost a whole tube of a special “anti-burn” cream. Back at home, I found out that this cream is no longer recommended for treating burns… but still the “go-to” in Belgium…

As you can imagine, I was not happy. But I quickly decided to let it go and to research about natural alternatives instead. I ended up finding a study comparing an ointment of aloe vera, honey and milk to the cream I had been prescribed and it came out more effective! I did not have all the ingredients, but I took off the rest of the cream anyways and put a thick layer of raw honey instead. The day after I limped to the store and got myself fresh aloe vera and also yogurt (I figured it would even be better than milk because of the probiotics in it) and colloidal silver (for additional antimicrobial action). It took some experimenting to find the right way to apply them all, mixed or in layers… I almost had fun doing so.

The final procedure is as follows:

  • I disinfect the wound with oxygenated water and let it dry.
  • I pour liquid colloidal silver over the wound and let it dry.
  • I apply a thick layer of raw honey.
  • I put freshly sliced and peeled aloe vera stripes on top.
  • I put a non-adhesive compress on everything (trying to keep the slippery aloe vera stripes in place as much as possible).
  • I wrap a bandage around all of this.
  • I leave it on for a day or night, changing it 2x per day (I often give the wound some “uncovered time” in between the changes, to allow it to breathe a bit)

I dropped the yogurt from the equation, cause it was too liquid. But in theory you could put it on top of the honey, before you put the aloe (if you have someone to help you, the whole process will be much less messy). You can also add a few drops of propolis or lavender essential oil to it once the wound is closed.

I went to see the doctor a few days later and the wound was not infected and doing “fine”. I continued the procedure for 2 more weeks until there were no more open wounds and skin peeling off. Then I started to nourish the skin with thick layers of fats and oils (hemp seed oil for vitamin E, cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil or ghee for vitamin A, D, K2 and omegas), wrapped with a bandage and left on for 12 hours to minimize scars and permanent discoloration.

Almost a year later I am happy to tell you that everything healed well and even though there still is some slightly visible discoloration of the skin, I am confident that over time it will become less and less visible.

As stated before, the frame is our values, needs, desires and boundaries in any given moment. At the acute moment of burning myself, the needs and desires of the Feminine in me shifted and my inner Masculine has taken on the challenge of putting all his resources into the service of fulfilling his Feminine’s desire for optimal wound healing. Yes, the need was fear-inspired, but in this case a very real fear, not an imaginary one. I still kept my “natural healing” frame firm, but not rigid (and obviously, I would have preferred a naturopath or medicine woman, had those been available ;)).

When it comes to my “everything happens for a reason” frame, I kept it strong at all times. Read more in part 3.

I part 2 I explain how to use nutrition to support wound healing, tissue repair and skin recovery.

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