Nutrition for wound healing, tissue repair, skin recovery

This is part 2 of my article on how to treat a burn from a Mind-Body-Nutrition Perspective. In part 1 I explained how I treated my 2nd degree burn externally to maximize healing and minimize scar formation. In part 3 I look at the soul lesson hidden in this burn.

Internal support is important as external support. Our gut is our internal skin after all, so taking good care of our external skin starts there! It’s also where most of our immune system lies, so to minimize risk of infection, make sure your gut is healthy! Optimizing digestion makes sure the nutrients you do ingest reach the cells where they are so desperately needed for repair and healing.

As usual, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. Whatever diet best supports YOUR individual metabolism will be what best supports wound healing and scarring – independent of “skin health supporting nutrients” the food might contain or not. For example, vitamin A is really good for skin. However, your body might not do well on very high amounts of vitamin A rich foods, such as cod liver oil, liver or high vitamin butter. Maybe your body is better at using the pre-cursor beta carotene from vegetables to convert it into vitamin A in the liver and congesting your liver with too much fat would actually be counterproductive…

That’s in fact EXACTLY the learning process I went through, because I started off applying all my nutrition knowledge and eating lots of cod liver oil and butter. Just that my body did not agree on that approach and I got pale and fatty stools, nausea and even vomiting until I dramatically DE-creased those fats…

That being said, here are some guiding principles:

  1. Eat a “fertile” diet, following the principles explained in my Basic Fertile Food Plan here. Check this one out FIRST and then add the below mentioned substances in ADDITION to that general health & fertility supportive plan.
  2. Increase intake of skin-health supportive foods and supplements (depending on your individual constitution, some might be better than others for you, if in doubt, I can help you orientate you):
  • Carotene-rich veggies (orange, red, green, purple veggies)
  • Cod liver oil: for true vitamin A and also vitamin D and anti-inflammatory omega 3’s
  • Vitamin C
  • Bone broth and collagen
  • Probiotics and prebiotics, both in food and supplements
  • MSM (sulfur)
  • Omega 3 fish oil
  • Brazil nut for selenium
  • Raw butter and eggs (esp. the yolks): for vitamin D, A and K2
  • Multi-vitamin/mineral with a bioavailable B-complex
  • Magnesium
  • Mucosa max: a special mix to support stomach and gut mucosa which is our inner “skin”, so cannot be bad for the outer skin either
  • Zinc
  • Drinkable aloe vera pulp: to cool the body from the inside
  • Curcucell: a special type of curcuma that is much more bioavailable and anti-inflammatory than the regular one (I discontinued it after only one day because curcuma ALWAYS irritates my urinary tract).
  • Digestive bitters: to support digestion of fats and proteins which are crucial for recovery
  • Milk thistle: for liver support

For more details on how and why those nutrients support skin health, I recommend you check out Chris Kresser’s blog here.

3. REDUCE “hot” foods, such as coffee, black tea, cacao and hot spices.

Apart from that, sleep and rest are key. My body is really asking for them. 12 hours and more plus an afternoon nap are not unusual right now…

In part 3 I look at the soul lesson hidden for me personally in this burn.

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