Tantric Cooking Part 2

Do you eat with your head or with your heart? Are you running on autopilot or are you connected and present to your senses, to the ever-changing flow of creative energy, allowing every day, every moment to be different, open to new possibilities?

What taste do you desire to experience this morning, what temperature, what texture? Which concrete food keeps popping up, even if you have no idea yet what to make of it? Can you allow yourself to just get started, to create from nothing, from breath to breath, simply sensing and moving with the energy as it arises?

Hmm… black rice (I boiled the night before), hmm… sweet… grated beetroot (already boiled), hmm… smooth… almond butter, hmm… creamy… goat cheese… (trying a spoon), hmm no, no cheese after all, but some pear (I preserved last summer), (my eyes fall on a jar with almonds) hmm… and the cheese with theses almonds and a bit of honey. And now, the rest of the beetroot in the blender with collagen, carob powder, bee pollen, egg shell powder, flax seeds (ingredients I typically use in the morning), a bit more almond butter, a bit of the juice from the cooked pears… blend… OMG liquid chocolate pudding… hmm.

THAT my friends is tantric cooking. Creating from zero by following our senses, our DESIRES from moment to moment, with a fresh mind.

These are the moments when I realize how far I have come. There were times in my Life when, all tensed up, I would get a headache from spending hours trying to plan the “perfect” food day. Energy was stuck in my head. I was suppressing life energy and creativity, submitting them to some mentally fixed ideas and rules.

Yes, I still have principles. I still prepare meals, cook for several days and repeat dishes and ingredients. I still have a rough idea of what I am going to eat today. However, the same ingredients can be combined in a new way every day (or not). The same meal can be eaten at different times of the day (or not). And everything can be dropped if the energy wants to move in a different way.

Rather than imprisoning my creativity (my Feminine), today my mind (my Masculine) forms a frame that sustains and holds space for it to move freely.

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