How much do you enjoy your home?

Home… your roots, your place of safety to restore and recharge your body and soul – at least in an ideal world. This time of restricted free movement is an excellent opportunity to tune into how much you actually enjoy being in the place you live (your concrete house or flat, but also your street, neighborhood, city/village and even country) and everything that belongs to it: people, animals, things, structures, smells, noises, colors, energies…

Do you feel safe and stable at home? Do you feel at ease and actually enjoy spending and sharing time there? Is it a healthy place, a place that nourishes and warms your body, heart and soul? Does it create order in your head, allow you to breathe fully and deeply, give you a sense of freshness and relaxation, and inspire you to be the best you can be? Or is it a toxic place that feels “off” somehow? Do you feel restricted, stressed, depleted, depressed or even threatened in it? Is it a place that, even though you enjoy parts of it, in its totality brings you down, freaks you out or even makes you sick, especially now that you can no longer escape it by going outside, to work, to exercise, to socialize?

All of this gives you valuable information about the state of your Root Chakra (1st Chakra) and how your soul actually feels in the home of your body. Your outer reality always reflects your inner reality: If your Root Chakra is out of balance, your home will reflect that by being messy, moldy or simply not a place that truly nourishes you, even if it is super big, clean, luxurious and beautiful. The stress this creates will in turn keep your Root Chakra weakened and decrease the health and fertility of your whole system. If you were truly in balance, you could not stand living in a place that did not match that frequency. This is why making inner changes eventually leads to outer changes: the urge to move or at least to raise the vibration of your home by tidying up and beautifying it.

All of this is likely to come up now that you are forced to be at home almost 24/7. You can no longer escape your reality and turn a blind eye on it. You are invited to face it and to ponder: What would have to change for your home to become a nourishing oasis both for your body and soul? What or who would you have to throw out? What or who would you have to bring in? Or do you have to make a more radical move to a new place or even a new country? What inner shift would have to happen alongside those outer shifts? How to raise your overall state of health & fertility? How to make sure your body is a place your soul truly enjoys to be in?

Because remember: You always take yourself with you, so any adjustment on the outside needs to be inspired by the desire to align your outer to your inner world and not to merely escape an unpleasant reality and necessary work on Self. Otherwise you will simply re-create the same situation in a new setting…

This is what happened to me. I had desired to leave the city and live in a truly healthy and fertile place for so many years. Because even if I always managed to find beautiful apartments with quite positive vibes, they continued to be surrounded by a generally toxic city environment. This desire came from the place in me that already was healthy and fertile. Yet I always found good reasons to stay and looking back, I still had some inner work to do, so that such a place would really correspond me. Before I finally made the move, I had a major breakthrough that finally allowed me to clearly see the toxicity I had put myself in – and which of course reflected layers of toxicity in myself. Before finally shifting enough on the inside, I had attempted an escape, just to find myself in the same energetic dynamics that I had tried to leave behind (see my article: You can never run from yourself). Now that my home is a true paradise, I can feel how my soul feels so much more in alignment here, which manifests itself in a deep sense of relaxation, peace, joy, gratitude – and amazing sleep! I finally feel at home. And still I am on the watch out, knowing that the inner growth process never stops and that Life will always test if we truly learned our lessons…

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