Does Eating prevent us from being spiritual?

Does eating prevent us from being spiritual, from accessing more subtle dimensions? Do you have to transcend the body, food, the lower chakras? Can everybody fast or will everybody feel more clarity and tranquility when eating little?

As always, there is no one-size-fits-all.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of projecting our own experiences onto others .. but the experience of someone with a lot of “Earth” in their constitution (who will feel great on fasting or eating little) has very little to do with someone with a lot Air in their constitution (for whom it will be a horrible experience). Just as it makes no sense that the fish judges the bird for not knowing how to swim or breathe under water.

The spiritual is not defined by what we do but how we do it and from what place we are coming. Fasting or not eating can be an act of love or violence against our being, our body, our feminine, depending on many factors. Just as eating can be an act of violence or love. In general, it is not healthy or spiritual if it is inspired by a desire to dominate, to suppress, to demonstrate something, to escape, not to feel. Fasting is contraindicated in fragile, very thin people, with a tendency towards anemia or hypoglycemia.

To bring balance and love to the world, a person has to be in balance, and what helps him or her to be in balance (physical, metabolic, emotional ..) is different for each person.

There are people who need to root deeply in this dense and physical world so as not to get lost up there flying without anchor. They need to eat. Eating in this sense is not bad. Hunger or thirst is not bad. They are not just sensations to be observed but not to be attended.

And for other people or in certain circumstances it is good to observe the cravings but to ignore them. You have to listen, feel and discern which is the right and most loving choice for your being at every moment.

But there are no one-size-fits-all responses or unique paths and we have to be very careful every time someone suggests that it was so, even if they seem to have “authority.”

(Something similar happens with sex that is also considered anti-spiritual .. while in Tantra it is through the body that we access God ..)


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