Reclaiming your Cycle: Why to get off hormonal birth control asap

If you want to give your hormones any chance to rebalance, you have to avoid the pill or any other hormonal contraception. If you are actively trying to conceive, you probably are off any contraception already, but if not, let me explain you why I make this statement. While we cannot deny the role the […]

Why I am not in favor of supplementing with isolated vitamin D

During autumn and winter, it is more difficult to get our vitamin D needs met through sunshine. We would have to expose at least our arms and face to 30min of unprotected sunshine every day to cover our basic needs – and that simply is not going to happen during those colder times. So we […]

What I learned from my miscarriage – Part 1

Let’s get pregnancy loss out of the dark. It’s only when I experienced it myself, that I realized how common it is. What a weird world where we are supposed to hide the joy of our pregnancy for 3 months only to then hide the pain if we do indeed lose it. I say let’s […]

The two main reasons people stay up later than they know is good for them

A good night’s sleep CRUCIAL for balanced hormones and metabolism in general. It’s at night that we recover and rebuild. In fact, every organ has its “time” and from 11pm to 3am it’s gallbladder and liver time. This iswhy you would ideally be in bed at 10pm, so you give those organs the chance to […]

4 ways how excessive cardio can do more harm than good

Running and other kinds of endurance training are increasingly popular nowadays. It’s said that they help to prevent cardio-vascular disease, keep you healthy and in shape. Unfortunately quite the opposite may be true. Too frequent and/or too intense endurance exercise, especially when combined with a stressful work/study schedule, and malnourishment (either due to a “junk food” […]

Eating for Performance

There are many factors affecting our professional performance: You just have to google to find a whole bunch of factors, such as the temperature and air quality at your office, ergonomics of the furniture, the noise level, the internal reward system, and of course personal factors such as your own education and experience. However, hardly […]