Breast Cancer Awareness is not Prevention

As every year in October, we see the pink ribbons all over. People run or march to support breast cancer awareness and research, thinking that this equals prevention. Yet in the very best of cases this helps to diagnose the condition and to start treatment earlier.

It has nothing to do with prevention. PREvention means to create favorable conditions for health and unfavorable conditions for dis-ease to develop in the first place.

Cancer, just like any other dis-ease, is neither a matter of “luck” nor an unavoidable fate. It is simply a sign that somewhere in the body, mind and soul there is an imbalance that wants to be corrected. Even if we are predisposed genetically, the emerging science of epigenetics teaches us that we are not helpless victims to dis-ease. Just because we carry certain genes does not mean that they will express. What we eat, drink, do, think and feel every day either supports our individual and planetary health and fertility or sabotages it. That is our power and our responsibility. Understanding which conditions favor health or dis-ease is crucial to assume both.

The physical condition that favors the development of breast cancer is a hormone imbalance called estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance means that there is either too much estrogen circulating in the body (absolute estrogen dominance) or that there is not enough progesterone to balance out the estrogen (relative estrogen dominance). Before breast cancer develops, women suffering from this condition will usually have experienced other types of symptoms, such as painful breasts, PMS, menstrual issues, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, migraines or insomnia.

Estrogen dominance is favored by exposure to environmental toxins in food, water, air, cleaning products, cosmetics, household items, medication, clothes, furniture etc., because 1) those toxins have a similar chemical structure than estrogens and 2) a liver that is overtaxed to detox all those substances is less efficient in clearing excess estrogen from the blood. Toxic overload also contributes to inflammation and oxidative cell damage – the general underlying factors in degenerative dis-ease. The body responds by producing cortisol in an attempt to lower that inflammation. Unfortunately, cortisol then triggers a whole array of other effects in the body, such as the suppression of progesterone and also thyroid hormone, increased fat storage and as such increased estrogen production, further contributing to the condition.

Estrogen dominance is also favored by stress, no matter whether that stress results from poor nutrition, insufficient water and oxygen supply, lack of sleep and sun exposure, excessive exercise or excessive sitting, unfulfilling jobs, long work hours, lack of pleasurable and nourishing activities, toxic relationships, negative self-talk, perfectionism, low self-esteem, not feeling good enough or a mindset rooted in scarcity and fear.

Last but not least, cell damage due to radiation favors the development of cancer. This is why instead of mammography, first and foremost increase intimacy with your own body and stay alert to any changes in your breasts. In addition to that, you can opt for thermography for early detection. In Belgium you can get this done at Viveri in Hamme (page is in Dutch, but he speaks perfect English).

On a collective meta-physical level cancer is symbolic for a society whose goal is perpetual, economic growth at any cost, disregarding the damage done to the whole and actually destroying the very structure it lives in and depends on.

On an individual, meta-physical level, cancer in general is symbolic for unconscious self-destruction. It is an invitation to destroy all structures around us and focus on radical self-love. Breast cancer and estrogen dominance in particular are closely related to our inner Masculine and Feminine and invite us to evolve and balance those energies inside and outside of us. Read more here.

In the end, just like any dis-ease, breast cancer is simply a distorted attempt of the body and soul to maintain homeostasis (balance). Mammographies or cutting out breasts as a means of prevention is not doing anything to correct the underlying imbalance at its root.

Real prevention is only possible if we actually believe that we have a say in our destiny. If we take responsibility rather than staying in victim attitude and hoping that someone will somehow safe us by inventing a vaccine or magic “cure”.

Rather than treating the plant with heavy chemicals when it gets sick, let’s take care of the soil BEFORE, so it has the best chances to stay healthy and thrive. That means stopping to exploit it AND starting to regenerate it. If the plant is already sick, the need to nourish the soil is even more urgent and should be the focus. Treating the symptoms of the plant is still an option, but it needs to be done as gently as possible to not lead to further depletion of the soil.


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