Pure Science

Recently, in a ritual of prayers for the world, I was assigned to pray for pure science. My first internal reaction was “Oh nooo, I don’t believe in science.” The same thing happens when people describe me as “scientific” in my way of being and working.

It is not a description that I usually like but meditating on the subject, I realized that it has to do with my concept of what “science” is. I associate science with being intellectual, mental, data and knowledge-focused, often disconnected from feeling, from the body, the earth, common sense …

Also because of my experience of having worked for many years for the pharmaceutical industry and having experienced hands on how studies can be manipulated or misunderstood … just like in the nutritional world …

There is a lot of economic and ideological interest behind what we usually call science. For me, statements like “believe what I tell you because it is scientifically proven”, or suggesting that science is something that happens in laboratories and is in the hands of some individuals with an academic title, is the opposite of true science. TRUE science, in my view,, is an invitation to observe, to explore, to experience LIFE yourself.

So in reality, the invitation to pray for pure science DID correspond to my nature, because yes, in its true and pure essence, I am very scientific. Not because I put references to each phrase in my book (in fact I do not) or because I provide lots of mental data and knowledge (I do), but because I invite you to be your own scientist, nutritional, emotional, spiritual … to not believe anything but to verify it in your own being – or not!

In this sense: live pure science!

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