Personal Consultation

Straight-to-the-point advice on a concrete health issue taking into account your metabolic profile

Do you have a specific physical or psychological issue with health, fertility, food, body or sexuality that you would like me to give you some concrete, straight-to-the-point, personalized advice on?

In just 30min you will understand:

  • what your issue is here to teach you both on a physical and on a soul level
  • what you can do in terms of food, lifestyle, mindset and/or behavior to improve your situation

In order to do so, I draw on my unique toolbox of skills in:

  • Understanding the symbolism and soul messages hidden in symptoms and life events
  • Understanding the needs and challenges of different metabolic types when it comes to food, lifestyle and mindset
  • How metabolism and symptoms connect to astrologic signs, the chakras and Chinese Medicine

Investment: 50 Euro pers session

This price includes:

  • A 30min virtual consultation (recorded, if you wish so)
  • The calculation of your Astro-Metabolic base profile (visual graph)
  • My preparation time

This price does not include:

  • Your complete Astro-Metabolic Profile (in depth analysis of your constitution with detailed assessment of your symptoms from different perspectives, list of supportive/damaging foods, supplements and lifestyle practices, concrete menu suggestions, overview of important soul lessons).

To book your session, please fill in the form below and I get back to you with payment instructions and an appointment proposal.