Personal Camino in a Group

Deep-Dive Journey for Hormonal Balance, Preconception or to find Peace with Food, Body & Life in a group of 4

New: My 1-on-1 Personal Camino is now also available for small groups of 4, allowing you to benefit from lower investments and group dynamics.


After your individual Initial Assessment & Roadmap Session, you are eligible for my Camino de la Fertilidad guidance in a small group of 4. This group starts every month if enough participants have signed up.


This type of Camino is the most transformative. Due to the intensity of the process,
I only start the process once a month.


My Camino de la Fertilidad Group Guidance is for you if you are

  • open-minded
  • self-responsible (= not in victim / poor-me mindset)
  • inspired
  • and – most importantly – truly ready for profound change, both in the dietary and in the personal realms.


You want to not only understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental & spiritual messages of your unwanted symptoms, but you are determined to really listen to what they have to say and to act upon those messages with courage and trust.


You are yearning to regenerate, to find your way back to the Fertile Path, back to your individual metabolic and personal balance, in a way that is sustainable and nourishing – for you and also for the planet – and you are ready to do what it takes to get there –  even if it means turning your whole Life upside down in the process.


Camino de la Fertilidad in a group – Details


The minimum length of our pilgrimage together is 12 weeks and we meet weekly. After that, we will re-assess and decide whether we continue walking together or whether you can continue walking on your own with just some occasional guidance. The number of participants is 4. Most sessions are group sessions, with some individual sessions.


The journey starts with 2 weeks of preparations to get you ready for the journey.

During this phase we will:

  • fine-tune the details of your travel route
  • adapt the journey to your individual needs
  • sort through your stuff and get rid of what will not serve you on your way
  • acquire the equipment and materials you will need
  • pack your bag
  • and – last but not least – train yourself before you embark


Week 1

1x 2h individual session during the week or weekend to:

  • Clean out your fridge & pantry according to my General Real Food Plan
  • Take your individual Metabolic Type Analysis
  • Take a Food Intolerance Test 


Week 2

2x 2h group sessions (or 1x 4h session) during the week or weekend to:

  • Look for ideal food suppliers / shops close to your home and go food shopping together so you always know which products to buy and learn to read labels
  • Efficiency cook together according to the needs of your Metabolic Type (I create the menu, you buy the ingredients and food containers)


After the preparation phase, the journey continues as follows:

  1. We meet weekly on a fixed day and time for a total of 10 x 1.5 h sessions.
  2. The sessions combine nutritional & Life coaching with simple, yet powerful embodiment practices (breathing, moving, sounding, non-sexual touching, meditation).
  3. Between the sessions you get instructions for home practice and e-mail support.
  4. You also get a personalized Bach Flower mix to support your transformation.
  5. As an additional bonus and to turbo-charge your process you get free access to the Virtual Camino for the duration of your Camino.



for the whole 12 weeks Camino: 800 Euro per person (incl. 21% VAT) or pay 1x 500 and 2x 200 Euro.

Bring a friend and save 50 Euro (note that the friend has to also start the process with an Initial Assessment & Roadmap session).


Sessions take place in person at Av. de Woluwe St. Lambert 48 in Brussels. Possible languages: English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish.