Initial Assessment & Roadmap

Holistic Assessment & Roadmap Outline indispensable prior to embarking on your journey

Before we are able to embark on our exciting journey together, we need to know the general direction of your path, the main stages you will have to pass and the materials you will need to take along. We also need to make sure that I am indeed the right guide for you and that you are in a physical & mental state that allow you to actually travel with me.


This is why the process always starts with a thorough Initial Assessment & Roadmap Outline Session.


The goals of this session are to:

  • Understand your challenges, goals and situation as a whole
  • Identify the main contributing factors to your health / fertility challenge (dietary, lifestyle, mindset, personal realms)
  • Connect the dots and put together the different puzzles pieces of your story to a picture that finally makes sense
  • Tune into the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages of your unwanted symptoms
  • Explain relevant concepts
  • Come up with a direction and provide you with a roadmap on what it will take to get you where you want to go
  • Explain you the different Camino options
  • Feel (both of us) if we are a good fit
  • Decide if, in what way and for how long we want to travel together


What happens during the session?


Prior to the session I ask you to fill in an intake form and also send me recent blood work if you have that. This information allows me to prepare myself and the session properly (the time that it takes me to do that is accounted for in the investment) and to be completely present with you during the session instead of taking notes. It allows YOU to already gain some important insights and also clarity with regards to your goals and needs, so you can communicate them precisely. It simply makes the session more efficient, since we can spend more time talking about the solutions rather than the problems.


During the session will have a conversation based on that intake form. Since my approach is a holistic one, I might also ask questions related to your personal realms (relationships, money, work…).


Please note that this is not a “medical” session and I will not “diagnose” or “treat” you in any way. Yes, you are welcome to bring or send relevant health reports and I might even suggest additional tests or analyses if applicable (i.e. Metabolic Type Analysis, food intolerance testing, additional blood work). However, the solution to your challenge will never be found with or in the mind alone. We have (at least) THREE centers of intelligence and we want to access and use all of them. This is why it is important for me to deeply listen to you and your story tuning into my:

    • mind (which is sharp, quick & analytical and cuts right through any non-sense)
    • heart (which is trusting, compassionate & non-judgmental)
    • womb (which is wise & highly intuitive).


Doing so allows me to understand the bigger picture of your story, capture the soul messages your symptoms are pointing to and tune into your particular needs. I will then select and share exactly those insights that I feel are most relevant for you at this given moment. If it feels adequate, I will then propose you a concrete Camino, incl. some first steps.


After the session I write a detailed Roadmap Outline and send it to you per e-mail. This document summarizes the general direction of your path, the stages you will have to pass and the materials you will need to take along. It is a rich guide for embarking on your journey – even on your own. Again, the time it takes me to prepare that is accounted for in the investment.


The Initial Assessment & Roadmap Outline session lasts about 90 min and can be held face-to-face (Av. de Woluwe St. Lambert 48 in Brussels) or virtually. Possible languages: English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish.


Investment: 165 Euro. This price includes the preparation time, the 90 min session and your detailed written Roadmap Outline report, incl. the summary of the goals, strategies & tactics and the recommendations regarding food, supplements, lifestyle and mindset. It also includes 21% taxes (VAT) :). Please note that fees for additional optional tests and supplements are not included.


Metabolic Typing

Please note that the Metabolic Typing Analysis is not part of this Initial Assessment & Roadmap Outline Session, but is included per default in all my 1-on-1 Personal Camino options. If you already know that you would definitely also like to take your Metabolic Type Analysis, you can optionally add it to your Initial Assessment & Roadmap Outline Session for an extra fee of 135 Euro.


Book your session NOW by sending an e-mail to or via the webshop. In case of doubt, we can also schedule a short 15 min call first.