Fertile Fridays

Your Online Community of Nutritional Explorers

If you are looking for a safe and non-judgmental space to explore Holistic Nutrition together with me and other curious souls

If you desire to develop your capacity to tune inside, to learn about that particular body language of yours, to be a more mature Masculine to your Feminine, to sense and express what you FEEL inside and to interact with it in a playful way

consider joining in for FERTILE FRIDAYS, an online community of nutritional explorers.


How does it work?

Every Friday we meet ONLINE on Zoom from 18:00-19:30.

On the Program:

  • Ritual to connect with our inner temple here & now
  • Conscious Intention Setting and Nurturing to tune into that frequency and vibration that will attract peace, joy and abundance into our lives
  • Exchange on and celebration of our process
  • The Fertile Path Process: holding space, sensing, discerning, softening, expressing, understanding, enjoying
  • Holistic Nutrition topic of the week & discussion / q&a on that topic


Investment: 80-150 Euro per month, depending on your financial reality and on how many Fridays there are in a month. All prices include 21% of VAT tax that I happily pay to the Spanish tax authorities. You are free to choose the price within this price range, take that chance to really tune inside to find which number produces that inner yes, independent of any expectations you think I might have (which are just your own projections, since I am fine with everything within that given range). If I cannot be there one Friday, the session will be recovered on another day or you get a discount for that month.


We start on August 4th.

There will be NO session on August 25th, so the investment for the first month is only 60-90 Euro.

Minimum number of participants per month: 4.


To sign up please fill in this form: