Individual & Group Coaching, Talks, Canteen Assessment & Optimization for Companies and Schools
  • Is it your goal to optimize the general health & well-being of your employees?
  • Do you want to prevent illness and/or lower the incidence of paid sick-leave?
  • Are you looking not just for performance and productivity, but also for creativity, innovation and a spirit of collaboration, joy and passion in your employees?
  • In other words, would you like your employees and your work environment to be truly fertile, flourishing and nourishing in all its meanings?


Nutrition is directly linked to health, well-being, energy and creativity

It is very straight-forward: Food provides the energy we need to function and perform physically and mentally. Whenever we eat, the food is broken down into its components, which are then either used for important metabolic functions, or for energy supply. So on the one hand, food is fuel and what and how much we put into our tank affects how long we can go before running out of gas.


On the other hand, food is not just fuel or calories, it is also information. It literally talks to all our cells, conveying different messages, influencing blood sugar, hormones, enzymes and even DNA. This ability to turn on or off certain genes is called “epigenetics” and implies that even if we have certain genetic predispositions, we still have a lot of influence on whether or not those genes will actually express themselves or not. In other words, our food – and also our lifestyle and mindset choices – determine to a large extent whether or not we will get sick.


Mind-Body-Nutrition: Combining Nutrition Coaching with Life & Business Coaching

Many companies hire in coaches to help their employees identify and overcome limiting beliefs, self-esteem issues or better align their actions with their goals. Making sure the body gets the right fuel can help these processes tremendously, because there is a direct connection between the gut and the brain. The healthier and the more nourished the body, the clearer the thought processes will be. By working on nutrition AND mindset at the same time we thus approach the person in a holistic way and increase the likelihood for a successful and lasting transformation (always procured the person is ready for such profound changes of course).


Sustainability is key

Our food choices have an impact far beyond our personal health. Environmental concerns are another reason why companies look to optimize their canteens. The food should not only be healthy, but also sustainable. I believe that what supports the FERTILITY of an individual, also supports the FERTILITY of  the planet and vice versa, for their is no separation. Thus by optimizing nutrition and sustainability, we all win.


Allow your employees and company to flourish. Choose the FERTILE path.

I combine expertise in Holistic Nutrition and Mind-Body-Nutrition coaching with in-depth knowledge of the organic food distribution system.


As such I am in the unique position to provide you with the following services:

  • Info Talks and Workshops: seminars, lunchtime or evening info talks on a variety of topics.
  • Holistic Nutrition Coaching for your employees: individual coaching, group coaching, Metabolic Typing, Mind-Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology, embodiment practices…
  • Nutrition Consulting Services: assessing, analyzing and optimizing your canteen, regular meal planning & creation, nutritional training and coaching for your cooks…
  • Food Sourcing: providing suppliers to provide your conference rooms with hot & cold organic drinks, source local and organic fresh and dry food in bulk for your canteen, and/or deliver organic food baskets for your employees
  • All services are available in English, German, Dutch, French or Spanish.


Contact me for a free meeting to talk about your needs and how I could best be of your service!


Here you find a case study from the big international company Eurofins, for whom I have been working as an independent Nutrition Consultant from 2016-2019. In this role I was responsible to make and keep their canteen and office drinks/snacks as healthy and sustainable as possible. I also organized regular information talks for employees and set up a depot for organic baskets for employees at the premises. And here you find a reference letter I received from them.