Fertile Mindset

Your body is your best friend, not your enemy. Instead of fighting with it and its symptoms, be it in a conventional or natural way, listen, embrace, attend and take care!

From my point of view, the body is never the “enemy.” Everything it does or does not do, the symptoms it has, whether it’s at a physical, mental or emotional level, simply informs us about some need or unmet desire. It tells us that we have moved away from our souls path, from our deepest truth, that we are not taking care of ourselves and that we lack ingredients or tools to function “well”. Rather than blaming ourselves, it is an invitation to take responsibility, to realize that we have a choice regarding the level of consciousness that we apply to our body, our emotions, to our desires and needs, to our whole being, to our life. This includes what we eat, how we treat ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, the way we live, our emotional, emotional, and spiritual needs and the way in which we meet them … our deepest desires in terms of our purpose, professional realization, place of life, relationships, etc.

I do not consider you a “victim” of some external process to yourself, be it a virus, pollution or your parents, nor are you intrinsically “broken” or “bad.” No-one has to come to save you, neither the medical world with their medications or surgeries, nor the “natural” world with its herbs and supplements, nor any healer, Guru or Coach. You are a complete and wonderful being, and although other people can help you on the way, showing you tools, it is always your way, you who has to take your responsibility and take the steps.

I deeply believe in the consciousness within each one of us and that we are able to heal ourselves by taking this consciousness to our body, our energy, to our being, with a loving look free of judgment, curious to simply get to know ourselves better and to take care of ourselves. For that, courage will be needed, to overcome limiting fears and beliefs … so I am not saying that it is an easy path, but I know it can be done and that it is worth it.

If you have found me on your way it is because you too have the capacity and courage necessary to return to what I call the “fertile path.” I share more details and tools in my book.


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