Women, it’s time to evolve beyond Feminism!

There was a time, not too long ago, in our developed world, when a woman wasn’t allowed to do many things that were normal for a man. She wasn’t allowed to study, to work (apart from in the house), to have an opinion, to vote, to run a marathon or to wear trousers for example. […]

Pregnancy after miscarriage: How to deal with fear

When I found myself pregnant again after having suffered a miscarriage just a few months earlier, I was forced to face some very deep fears around loss and suffering. I still remember how in the midst of the 12 hours of contractions that proceeded the first miscarriage I asked my partner how we could ever […]

Why I am not in favor of supplementing with isolated vitamin D

During autumn and winter, it is more difficult to get our vitamin D needs met through sunshine. We would have to expose at least our arms and face to 30min of unprotected sunshine every day to cover our basic needs – and that simply is not going to happen during those colder times. So we […]

What I learned from my miscarriages – Part 2

In July 2017, the ground was pulled under my feet when my embryo(s) got flushed down the toilet at 9.5 weeks of my first pregnancy. Apart from the excruciating physical suffering, it was a tremendous emotional shock, since it came completely out of the blue for me (us). Not even once had I considered the […]

What I learned from my miscarriage – Part 1

Let’s get pregnancy loss out of the dark. It’s only when I experienced it myself, that I realized how common it is. What a weird world where we are supposed to hide the joy of our pregnancy for 3 months only to then hide the pain if we do indeed lose it. I say let’s […]

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol are good for you

The biggest myth surviving in the world of nutrition is probably that foods rich in saturated fat and/or cholesterol are bad for you. This myth stems from the 1950’s, when Ancel Keys published a study linking saturated fats to high cholesterol and heart disease. Although the study turned out to be severely flawed afterwards, it has ever since […]

Plant proteins and potential health problems

With all those scandals about factory-farmed meat and all this talk about how unsustainable and unhealthy it is to eat (too much) meat, many people are reducing the amount of animal foods they consume and are looking for plant-based alternatives to cover their bodies’ need for proteins. In this article I don’t want to discuss […]

Just pretend…

I made an interesting observation. Oftentimes clients feel resistance to changing certain dietary or lifestyle habits – for example to stop drinking alcohol or to go to bed earlier – as a means of preparing for pregnancy and optimizing fertility, while they would have no problem at all to drop those same habits if they […]

How sugar messes up your hormones

You’ve probably heard that excess sugar (especially if it comes from refined white sugar) is “bad” because it can cause caries and supplies only “empty” calories. However, these reasons don’t seem to prevent most people from continuing to eat it. Just brush your teeth and make sure you exercise enough to burn off those extra […]