How sugar messes up your hormones

You’ve probably heard that excess sugar (especially if it comes from refined white sugar) is “bad” because it can cause caries and supplies only “empty” calories. However, these reasons don’t seem to prevent most people from continuing to eat it. Just brush your teeth and make sure you exercise enough to burn off those extra […]

4 ways how excessive cardio can do more harm than good

Running and other kinds of endurance training are increasingly popular nowadays. It’s said that they help to prevent cardio-vascular disease, keep you healthy and in shape. Unfortunately quite the opposite may be true. Too frequent and/or too intense endurance exercise, especially when combined with a stressful work/study schedule, and malnourishment (either due to a “junk food” […]

A true alternative to glyphosate exists

An alternative to glyphosate already exists! It is called (local, small-scale) organic agriculture! Honestly, I don`t get the current outcry about the prolongation of the glyphosate license. Or better said, I only get it partially. Of course I understand that people are annoyed with politics succumbing to the influence of big lobbies and putting profit […]

Forgotten Superfoods: Homemade Bone Broth

Even though there is no “one-size-fits-all”, and NO food is good for EVERYone, home-made, long & slow-cooked bone broth is one of THE forgotten superfoods. Contains gut-healing gelatin (if prepared from gelatin containing bones, like joints, knuckles, neck…). An intact gut lining is utmost important to prevent “leaky” gut and as such essential for a strong immune […]

The importance of making your story right

Think about the story you have been telling yourself about yourself, especially when it comes to the hard and difficult moments of your life, the challenges you had to face when it comes to your health, your relationships, work, finances… Is it a story full of annoying problems, anger, sadness, regret, sarcasm, complaining, “poor me” […]

Eating animal foods can be regenerative – Part 1: Nutrition

Introduction It seems that if you want to be a “good” and “enlightened” consumer these days, you have to go vegan. While I can understand the ethical, environmental and nutritional motivations fueling this movement, the whole notion that veganism is the most ethical, sustainable and healthiest way to eat is dangerously one-sided and misleading. Things […]

Eating Animal Foods can be regenerative – Part 2: Environmental Health, Fertility & Sustainability

This post is part 2 of a 3 part series. If you haven’t already done so, please read part 1 (nutritional point of view) first. Make sure to also read about the intentions I have with this series in the beginning of part 1. Part 2: Sustainability Point of View Besides health, sustainability is a big reason why […]