Being Omnivore – to what extent can we trust the design of Nature?

It is a biological fact that the human being is omnivorous and needs to feed on both, foods of plant origin and foods of animal origin to enjoy optimal long-term health and fertility.

That is how the universe has designed us – like or not.

To what extent are we able to trust nature, to trust that it does things well and that it does not make mistakes? To what extent can we be humble and explore reality with equanimity, leaving aside our mental preconceptions of how things should be and do with how they actually are?

Although today (in the developed countries at least!), we have technologies (e.g. food supplements) that allow us – to some extent – to choose to go against life, to resist us even to our own nature as omnivores. Is this really the wisest and most healthy way of living and eating?

If on the other hand we start from the base that life does things well, if we trust its wisdom and really accept what it has planned for us, we can open the doors to very deep spiritual understandings, because we are forced to question our convictions, to explore and experiment and – ultimately – to reconcile our beliefs with reality (instead of adapting our perception of reality to our mental ideas).

I am not saying that you have to accept something if your reality and physical experience is different. For me, in fact, the realization and deep acceptance that I am omnivorous came after the experience of eating meat again after many years. That is, the body experience came first and then the mental acceptance. And I think the mind should always follow the body. But for that we must have some openness that allows us to experience reality without filters …

To what extent are you willing to say “yes” to life?


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